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Planning an event is often only about selecting a perfect venue, sending out the invites, managing the decoration and ordering food. But did you forget that making your guests feel comfortable at your function is also a primary component of this event? Yes, if your guests aren’t feeling comfortable and relaxed at your event, how can you be sure that you have been a great host to them? Well, that is why we have brought some tips on how to make your event super comfortable for your guests.

Some tricks to ensure your guests are most comfortable at your event

If until now you have rarely considered making your guests feel comfortable at your event, it’s time you factored that in. Do plan your next event according to these tips:


1. Keep comfortable seating

Arrangements of comfortable seating for your guest is a primary requirement to ensure that they are most comfortable at the event. Get the chairs with soft seats and a comfortable yet firm backrest. Ensure these are of a good size so that your guests can relax.


2. Prepare a lounge space

Some of your guests might be having this habit of smoking and chilling out with their drinks in the lounge. Obviously, this cannot happen in the central area of the event. So, ensure you are having a separate lounge area with a comfortable sofa and plush seating so that your guests can enjoy their quiet time during the event as well. To get these seating for your event, contact Absolute Party Hire providing party supplies in Tauranga in exclusive quality, myriad variety, and at reasonable rates.


3. Keep familiar food

We know you want your event to be an extraordinary one and that is why opting for multi-cuisine is natural. But this may be a bit too much for your guests who love their comfort food even when they are going outside. Not all of your guests would be aware of the various cuisines of the world. So, just keeping them in mind, ensure that you are providing familiar food on the menu as well, even if you include exotic stuff in the menu.


4. Create a friendly event program

If you are arranging back-to-back speeches and entertainment programs in your event, it might tax your guests and they’ll soon be tired even before everything gets over. Ensure to create a program with regular breaks to allow your guests a breather and also to stretch their legs perhaps.


5. Avoid forcing people for a group activity

Not everyone is stage-free. Not everyone may be in a mood to mingle or participate in a group activity. You may have organized group activities to keep your guests entertained or occupied. But never force participation. Let people volunteer. Forcing the same may make your guests feel uncomfortable.

If you are keeping in mind these tiny yet essential factors when planning your event, we are sure your guests would be totally happy, relaxed, and comfortable at the event and will speak all praises about how amazing it was attending this function. Moreover, if there is a dress code or any pre-requisite (for example – a Covid negative report during this pandemic time, or that the guests should carry masks or face shields) to attend the event, that should be clearly communicated. 


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