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Medicine for abortion in Dubai A Fatal Choice

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Medicine for abortion in Dubai

Medicine for abortion in Dubai: In countries where abortion is illegal, women are looking to cheap ulcer medications to end unwanted pregnancies. Medicines register for use in the prevention of stomach ulcers are readily available in the UAE. According to the Medicine for abortion in Dubai study, one phone call for 1,500 dirhams and a trip to the Dubai bar is enough to buy. Do It Yourself  abortion drug. This terrifying new trend has to do with an online chat site. Where residents of the United Arab Emirates write about abortion-related questions.

“The demand for Medicine for abortion in Dubai has increase in recent years due to changes in social and ethical values ​​over the years, but the law has not change,” said GC, which charges 1,500 dirhams for a course of five tablets. He said. If the recommend dosage for pharmaceutical purposes is one tablet per day. JC will “take the first tablet at 7 pm, the next two tablets at 7 am. And the other two tablets at 7 pm to induce a miscarriage or abortion. It is recommend that you do this. Take 5 tablets At least, which can cause bleeding within 24 hours.

If you are 6 weeks or more pregnant, c. It is recommend to double the dose. For those who are willing to take risks, c. The pair is available any time of the day at the Dubai Bar.

Another saleswoman in Dubai post her email address on a chat forum, telling her that services of Medicine for abortion in Dubai is only available in the UAE market. If the pill does not abort the fetus, the seller guarantees its abortion with free medical treatment. Seller’s Un-use Methods, Mother’s Life Safety, Effective Sterility.

Oral word that led us to another Filipino merchant in Dubai

Traders who choose to remain anonymous when contact do not guarantee a successful abortion, and use of the pills may result in death from an ectopic pregnancy, or in extreme cases excessive bleeding or death, and has been warn that it may lead to miscarriage.

Despite the risks, the dealers guarantee that the 120 dirhams Medicine for abortion in Dubai is one of the most sought after in Dubai. Buy abortion pills in UAE sell the same brand, but their advice on volume and consumption is very different.

“To increase the chances of miscarriage, take 2 pills daily for 3 days and take 1 pill. By the morning of the fourth day, the bleeding will start again. It’s a sign of murder,” she said. “Some women find an easy alternative to un-want pregnancy.”

They have few options. Having children other than marriage is punishable by imprisonment and deportation. When a woman is pregnant, she has two options: marry soon or leave the country.

Medicine for abortion in Dubai very high standards

When these two things don’t happen, some women give up their newborn babies. According to police statistics, between 2004 and 2009, 154 children were drown by their parents in the United Arab Emirates. Just last month, three children were abandon, including a girl. Who was left on the staircase of a building in the gardens area of ​​a skyscraper.

It was shocking, but nothing compare to the horrific case of a mother. Who gave birth to a baby in a toilet at Dubai airport last year. But the baby was reportedly stuck and toss in the trash before boarding the plane. rice field.

Regardless of the risks involve, many single women consider abortion the easiest method. No wonder online chat forums are full of questions about . Merchants who receive cash on demand list their email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Women’s websites advertise “the availability of contraceptives and the pill for women. Who live in countries where safe abortion services are not available.” This list also includes the United Arab Emirates. The site boasts. “It’s so safe to have an abortion with the pill, it’s like an abortion. Millions of women have done it and proven they can do it themselves at home. This service is free, but the seller requires a donation of £70 (Dh415). And guarantees your luggage arrives within 7 days.

Although confidential, there are many reports of illegal abortions in the UAE. According to the UK website, “The other strange thing about abortion. In the UK is that it is a paradise for women in a more oppressive country. We have long been an Irish provider of abortion abroad. Italy, and the UK to the United Arab Emirates.”

In the UAE, abortion is legally restrict when an abortion is necessary to save a woman’s life

Despite legal and medical warnings (see box), some women in Dubai often take. The risk of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy. To avoid the harsh penalties impose by law, and I am willing to do so.

Lucy was only 22 years old when she learn she was pregnant. Lucy had only one choice, as she had no money to return to Ireland. And had no immediate plans to marry her boyfriend. I knock on many doors and was told my only option was to go home. For this procedure each time,” said the 24-year-old cabin crew. “Finally, the British doctor I met at the party said he would do. The operation in a few hours at his clinic in Dubai.”

The miscarriage scene in March 2009 at the two-branch Dubai clinic was pretty bad. I would be home in two hours. What happen next was one of the worst moments of my life. The painkillers he gave me were not enough to hit me or relieve the pain. So I woke up fully conscious.

“The doctor gave me a combination of pills. Within an hour I start to feel terrible numbness and bleeding. But the pain was so terrible and severe that I finally left. When I regain consciousness, I was in pain all over the place. My abortion doctor assure me that I have been using for 9 weeks. It was done.”

A month later, when Lucy’s bleeding hadn’t stop, she went back to the same doctor for an ultrasound. “I couldn’t believe what he told me. The abortion remain incomplete! There was still debris of fetal tissue in my womb. This time the doctor did what he did to help me. I said I couldn’t do it. She was on my back. The wall. How can I sue him?” Lucy returns home to undergo orthodontic surgery. She thinks it should have been done in the first place. As per the legal system in Dubai, abortion for married women is illegal except for medical reasons.

Recently, a man miscarried a stillborn, but was charge with planning murder after an investigation reveal his death within hours. There are no statistics on the number and consequences of illegal pregnancies in the UAE. But the regional statistics are staggering. The International Plan Parenthood Federation estimates that there were 7 million abortions in the Arab world between 1995 and 2000.

Roy, an Indian woman, got pregnant for the first time at the age of 24.

With his friend who left Dubai to study in the US. Roy realize he was alone when he learn he was pregnant. At that time, my boyfriend didn’t want to do anything with me anymore, he had never thought of marrying me and would have refuse if I was ready to give birth. I couldn’t find a way to get rid of this pregnancy, so Dubai Police told me what to do. I did not have a guide. So I found an online obstetric ward in Mumbai to manage both deliveries and deliveries.”

Legal and Medical Department

Article 340 of the UAE Criminal Code states that. A person who voluntarily conceives a pregnant woman by taking drugs or using an instrument. For this purpose shall be punish with imprisonment with labor for a term of up to 5 years. A fine of 7 years in case of dismissal of a woman without permission.

An abortion (MTP) is permit if the continuation of the pregnancy. Proves to be detrimental to the life of the mother or the child. However, this should be done before 4 months of the fetus’s age. The procedure also requires the approval of the medical board and the written consent of the wife or guardian.

Under the General Criminal Code, Medicine for abortion in Dubai can save the lives of pregnant women. According to legal experts, abortion is not allow even if the pregnancy was due to rape. Symptoms such as Down syndrome and other disorders that appear during pregnancy do not guarantee discharge under UAE law. It was the day most of them decide to continue, said Dr. Kamenink, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology and Lactation at Sharjah Doctors Medical Center. “

Dr. Nyak said she does not recommend abortion, even from an ethical standpoint. Infection occurs by removing un-want emotional scars on women, including anesthesia and surgical problems. It can negatively affect a woman’s ability to conceive. When ask about the side effects of abortion drugs sold in the UAE, Dr. Nike said, “Taking such drugs is dangerous because they can cause bleeding and are life-threatening.”

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