NextGen EMR – A Comprehensive Review


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Ambulatory care businesses can use NextGen EMR Software to improve and streamline their daily clinical, financial, and administrative operations. According to NextGen EMR reviews, the program is also suitable for other small practices. A Practice Management System, a Patient Portal, and a Medical Billing System also integrate into the software. 

In addition, thanks to specialty-specific templates, you’ll be able to streamline your processes. Because of the clean yet practical UI, faster note-taking is also possible. Furthermore, you can use the EMR software on tablets and mobile devices to update information even when not in the office. This product also includes free training so that your practice’s employees may learn how to use it quickly. Overall, the NextGen pricing is worth the benefits it provides.  

NextGen EMR Software – Key Features 

Cloud-based Interface  

NextGen EMR is a cloud-based medical record management system. This means you can use the system at any time and from anywhere. The only need is for you to have access to the internet. You can control the system via any device. As a result, institutions can save money on expensive technology and take up a lot of room.  

In addition, you won’t have to worry about your personal information being taken by hackers because this medical software complies with HIPAA. 

Appointment Scheduling Feature  

You may schedule appointments in NextGen EMR using the “Schedule” option. When you click this page, you’ll see a color-coded planner that lists specific providers and the daily, weekly, or monthly arrangements they receive. You can then make new appointments by clicking on an available time window and filling out the popup box. 

Furthermore, dragging and dropping an appointment to change its schedule, day, or provider is also effortless. NextGen maintains a record of every recent modification through an audit trail, allowing you to know who made what and when. Patients can also schedule an appointment through the NextGen patient portal. 


Another feature that makes NextGen EHR pricing worth it is its ability to connect to other EMRs and healthcare data platforms. Due to this interoperability, you can cooperate with hospitals and other healthcare providers who aren’t using NextGen. You can, for example, take data from non-NextGen providers to ensure that your patient has a complete health history, or you can send data to aid in patient care management. 

Speech Recognition Feature

Taking notes and keeping track of patient profiles are both time-consuming activities. As a result, NextGen Healthcare offers a solution that allows you to take notes utilizing the company’s voice, keyboard, or touch capabilities.  

Speech recognition solution converts your spoken words into text on the computer screen. This feature also allows you to keep track of patient visits while providing expert medical advice. 

Improved Communication  

Clients of NextGen EMR have several options for communicating with their colleagues and patients. Patients can receive text and email reminders before their appointments, for example, to reduce the incidence of no-shows and latecomers. You can also send encrypted communications to anyone, from coworkers to patients using the direct messaging feature. According to users, this feature makes up for the NextGen EHR pricing. 


NextGen EMR Software’s built-in e-prescribing technology also assists you in detecting drug interactions, dosage issues, and patient allergies. This application allows you to make prescriptions and send them to your patient’s preferred pharmacy. Patients can then receive it at their leisure. During the NextGen EMR demo, you can test this feature. 

NextGen EMR Mobile App  

NextGen also proves that their mobile solutions are accessible from any internet-connected device. According to NextGen EMR evaluations, this feature contributes to optimizing clinical documentation and workflows for increased efficiency. Your confidential medical data is also kept secure on their systems. In addition, the simple cloud-based architecture of these mobile solutions is compatible with your current healthcare workflows. 

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction 

NextGen EMR Software offers several solutions to promote patient involvement and convenience. Patients can, for example, use the NextGen patient portal to schedule appointments from the comfort of their own homes. They can also view lab results, request prescription refills, sign consent forms, and send you direct messages about their health. 

Virtual Visits  

Virtual visits can help patients who are unable to attend in-person appointments. In addition, patients who are frightened to leave their homes owing to Covid-19 can benefit from this feature. When paired with a patient portal, you can give an entirely virtual experience seamlessly. Moreover, you can use the NextGen EMR demo to examine virtual visits in a real-world healthcare setting. 

Reporting and Analytics Tool  

NextGen’s population health and analytics solutions can help you build your financial and clinical performance by providing relevant and reliable data. Furthermore, the user-friendly tool allows you to compare your results to those of your competitors to identify areas where you can improve. 

NextGen EMR Pricing  

The NextGen EHR pricing varies depending on your practice size and how many providers use it. Doctors and nursing assistants also have different pricing models. Unfortunately, NextGen EMR pricing is not available to the public. As a result, you can inquire about NextGen pricing from the provider through the website.  

What Do Current User Say About NextGen EMR? 

When looking for software, EMR software reviews are helpful. Anyone who is now using it can tell you more about it than anyone else. As a result, we recommend that you read NextGen EMR evaluations from a variety of web sources. Here’s a quick rundown! 


  • A sophisticated scheduler tool makes adding and canceling appointments straightforward. 
  • Because of the system’s user-friendly design, getting started with it takes very little time. 
  • Modifications to the system make sure that the system keeps up with industry changes. 


  • The customer support team responds late. 

Final Thoughts 

Altogether, NextGen EMR software saves time, improves financial results, data exchange, and patient satisfaction. This EHR system has time-saving shortcuts and customizable templates, among other features. Despite a slight learning curve, the majority of users can rapidly grasp the system’s fundamentals. Stay tuned to learn everything there is to know about NextGen EMR, including its key features, cost, reviews, and more!


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