Retro fashion is alive and kicking! Here are the best 80s teen fashion trends to follow


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So you think the 80s were a boring decade? Think again! Throw on your big hair and brightly colored jackets, and prepare to rock these timeless teen trends from the 80s. From bell bottoms and high-waisted jeans to lighthearted tartan skirts, please scroll through our selection of the best 80s teen fashion trends to get inspired.

What is Retro Fashion?

Retro fashion is all the rage right now, and with good reason! It’s stylish, unique, and can be very versatile. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner 1940s lady or add a bit of retro flair to your style, here are some of the best 80s teen fashion trends to follow in retro style.

1. Polka dots are a classic pattern that always stays in style. They can be combined with other patterns and colors for an eclectic look that will stand out.

2. A-line skirts:

A-line skirts are timeless and chic, perfect for dressing up or down. Pair them with a blazer or jacket for office wear, or slip them over a camisole for a more casual weekend look.

3. Bow ties:

Bows tie everything together – they’re both feminine and masculine, playful and sophisticated – so why not incorporate them into your wardrobe? Add one to each outfit for extra glamour, or team them up with square neckties for a more formal ensemble.
4. Winged eyeglasses:

These unique sunglasses are a staple of 1950s style and can add a touch of nostalgia to any outfit. Add them to a sunny outfit for summer days, or team them up with neutrals for a more versatile look all year round.

5. Flats:

Despite being seen as somewhat dated in recent years, flats are still one of the most popular 80s teen fashion trends. They’re comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and versatile – you can wear them with pretty much anything.

The Best Retro Teen Fashion Trends of the 1980s

In the 1980s, retro fashion was all the rage! This decade saw some of the most popular and enduring teen fashion trends, like baggy jeans and big floppy hair. Here are five retro teen fashion trends to follow if you want to channel your inner teenager in style:

1. slouchy denim jeans:

These classic jeans were popularized by heavy hitters like Madonna and Michael Jackson in the 1980s and are still a favorite today. If you want to emulate their style, wear a slightly wetter and more relaxed fit rather than fitted or tight jeans.

2. high-waisted pants:

Another defining 80s teen fashion trend, high-waisted pants got their name from their tendency to hit just below the waistline on average women’s hips. They gave an instant plus-size look to any girl who decided to rock them – giving less self-conscious teens a chance to rock fashionable clothes without looking too junior high schoolish.

3. shoulder pads:

Padded shoulders were a must for every fashionable ’80s teen – no matter what her size was! Not only did they give TV characters like Buffy The Vampire Slayer an edge (remember Spike’s signature bullet-shaped eyepatch?), but they also helped fill out smaller jackets and dresses that would have been snug on other women. Today, shoulder pads are practically obsolete owing to modern slimming styles, but any nostalgic ’80s teen will appreciate a good set of fake breasts


Retro fashion is alive and kicking, and there’s no stopping it! Whether you’re looking to channel your inner 80s teen or want to dress up for a night out, these retro fashions are sure to get you in the mood. From big hair and shoulder pads to baggy jeans and colorful tees, these trends will have you feeling like a retooled version of yourself. So what are you waiting for? Jump on into the retro fashion craze today!



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