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A Chartered Accountant is an important pillar in the country’s economic development and overall nation-building. As a result, Chartered Accountancy is a well-respected profession in India, with attractive compensation packages and a diverse range of prospects.

The numerous packages available to Chartered Accountants, the average CA salary in India, the elements that influence the CA compensation, and the various high-paying recruiters in India are all discussed in this article.

In India, a CA’s basic sources of payment are as follows:

Along with the numerous prospects in Chartered Accountancy, a CA’s basic income can be earned in a variety of ways. Aside from the baseline salary that a CA earns, the various sources of income can be divided into three categories based on the duties that a CA plays:

  • Fees — For a CA who works alone, fees are a substantial source of income. When a CA provides advisory services to manage an individual’s or company’s account, they are entitled to income in the form of fees. For around 80% of CAs who work on their own, this is a significant source of revenue.
  • A CA frequently assists their clients in resolving financial issues such as loan denial, preparing books for mergers, and displaying strong books to attract good investors. The CA receives commission income in exchange for the answers they provide.
  • Bonuses and incentives – A CA, like many other professionals, works incredibly well in their area and is rewarded with a bonus as a reward for their efforts during the year.

Salary of a Chartered Accountant in India in 2022

In India, the typical compensation for a CA in 2022 will range from 6-7 lakhs per annum to 30 lakhs per annum. However, in order to determine an exact average CA pay in 2022, it is critical to examine the numerous aspects that go into determining CA salary. We must first examine the various wage packages offered in India before proceeding.

Salary packages for a CA in India

The income of a chartered accountant is determined by a variety of criteria, including experience, abilities, and the location of employment. A pay package is offered to a CA based on these factors.

  • Lowest package – A CA’s small income at the start of their profession is expected to be Rs 3 lakh per year. CAs receive a pay package of Rs 3 lakh per year in exchange for their services to small businesses. A fresher who has done particularly well in their exams and established a reputation, on the other hand, can secure a considerably greater package throughout the early stages of their employment.
  • Package in the middle – The pay scale for CAs in the medium range varies depending on the position. The compensation range for an international posting is between 9 and 18 lakhs per year. CA packages in India range from Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh per annum. CAs working in the public sector, on the other hand, can earn between 10 and 20 lakhs per year.
  • The most lucrative package for a CA is a foreign assignment, where they can earn up to 75 lakhs per year. For a domestic position, the greatest remuneration for a CA is between 25 and 45 lakhs per year.

Fresher CA salary in India

Every two years, the ICAI offers placements to all newly qualified CA graduates. When it comes to placements, precedence is given to rank holders who passed the exam on their first attempt, followed by those who have not attempted the exam several times.

A CA graduate’s starting income is affected by a number of factors, including skill, job profile, prior experience, the company where they were hired, and the location where they were hired. However, depending on numerous conditions, a newly graduated CA could start their profession with a payout ranging from 4-6 lakhs to 40-60 lakhs per annum.

  • CA’s top scorers Annual salary – Rs. 15-25 lakh
  • Cleared CA at the first attempt – annual salary of Rs 11-15 lakh
  • CA fresher passing many times – Rs 6-9 lakh per year

Factors affecting the salary of a CA

As previously mentioned, a CA’s income is decided by a variety of criteria. Basic abilities for a CA, practical experience in the industry, willingness to update and learn, the job profile for which the CA has been recruited, and the firm and location of recruitment are the most important and generally considered among these. Let’s look at each of these separately and calculate the average CA pay for 2022 based on a variety of parameters.

CA salary in 2022: based on skill

To successfully service their clients, Chartered Accountants are needed to have three types of basic competencies. As a result, they are compensated based on their analytical, compliance, and reporting abilities. To perform better and be eligible to higher remuneration, a CA is expected to have many budget management, financial, and auditing abilities. As a result, in order for a CA to earn greater pay, they must have these abilities and continue to develop them throughout their career.

Salary of a Certified Public Accountant in 2022: based on experience

Practical experience, as well as basic abilities, are highly appreciated and consequently rewarded, just as they are in other professions. As a result, experience plays a significant role in establishing the CA salary because it allows one to hone their abilities and establish a positive reputation and goodwill in the field. A CA develops greater information and skills regarding the sector as a result of continued practise and experience, and is consequently paid more for it.

CA salary in 2022: based on job description

CAs are in high demand in the market for a variety of positions with various entities, not just accounts and taxes. Naturally, a CA’s remuneration differs depending on the job profile for which he or she was hired. This is due to the fact that the CA’s work varies from post to post. The average income for CFOs, account executives, and accountants is above 20 lakh per year, whereas the average salary for account assistants and business analysts is around 12 lakh per year. As a result, a job profile is a key component in establishing the average annual compensation for a CA.

CA salary in 2022 : based on city of recruitment

Along with the job profile, the city in which the CA is employed is a common element in influencing the CA compensation. This is because many organisations pay their employees according to the wage scale in the city where they work. Naturally, employees in metropolitan and developed cities will be paid more than those in other locations. This is due to the fact that the cost of living in such cities is significantly greater.


In India in 2022, high-paying recruiters

Aside from the city in which a CA is recruited, the organisation that recruits the CA has a considerable impact on the CA compensation. High-paying organisations, such as the Big 4 and many other industry leaders, offer CA graduates attractive packages as well as a diverse range of career options to consider. From February to March 2022, 222 organisations participated in the Campus Placement programme, according to the list of participants. The table below lists some of the companies that are well-known for being the highest-paying recruiters.


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