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How do you choose the best pram for children? What functions and features should the pram have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The appearance of children in a family is the greatest reason for joy, and you, as a parent, it is natural to want to give them all the best.

Out of concern for them, every time you buy a product that you use in its care, you must make sure that it is a quality product and safe enough.

From birth to 5-6 months, you will need a pram to walk your little one. The pram is a multifunctional piece, as it can also be used for walks, attaching to a stroller chassis, and can also be used for the safe sleep of the baby.

Why choose the best pram for your baby?

It is important for the harmonious and healthy development of the child to use at every stage accessories, toys, care systems, specially adapted for that age, to protect their developing body.

The pram is suitable for use until at least 6 months of age, as it provides a perfectly horizontal position and does not put pressure on the baby’s spine.

On average, landers support a weight of 10-12 kg, so even if after 6 months you will walk him in a stroller in which he can sit higher, you can still sleep in the pram.

How to choose the best pram for children

The stroller and pram market has seen a real explosion in recent years, so it’s natural to wonder which is best for your little one from so many dozens of models.

To make it easier for you to make your choice, you will still find a series of features that will inspire you when you buy.

Duration of use

Being specially created especially for the need of a newborn, the pram can be used for walks until the age of 6 months, when your baby will need a model of pram in which to sit.

When you buy, take this aspect into account and see how much you allocate to the pram, since after 6 months you will use it less often, when the baby is sleeping.

Safety and comfort

As it is a product for small children, the pram must be very safe, so it would be advisable to choose a model that meets the safety standards, tested, which contains natural materials, friendly to the baby’s sensitive skin.

The material of the mattress and cover must be light, do not allow the accumulation of dust and mites and be certified for children, so as to avoid any allergies or intoxications.

Also, take care of the finishes and the space available, so that you opt for a really comfortable model for the little one. Fluffy edges and bulky, soft mattresses can increase the risk of suffocation in sleep by obstructing the airways.

Mattress quality

In the pram, the child can spend a lot of time in the first months of life, especially when sleeping.

For a restful sleep, so necessary for his cognitive development, offer him a pram with a quality, firm mattress that will support his body properly. If you plan to use the pram often, make sure the mattress is easy to clean.

Land structure

Depending on how you intend to use it, the pram can be completely textile, with a plastic or metal frame. If you want to use it for walking, you can choose a pram model compatible with the stroller chassis.

Depending on the materials from which the price is made, but also its safety and usefulness change. A textile pram is light, but not as safe, while models with a metal or plastic frame are much safer but harder to carry.

Additional facilities

Because you will use the pram both indoors and outdoors, you must take into account the aspect related to unpredictable weather conditions and choose a model equipped with a rain cover or awning for sun and wind.

In addition, for more utility some models include compartments and side pockets in which you can put diapers, napkins or whatever you want to have when you are with the little one.

Moreover, if you want the time spent in the pram to be as pleasant as possible for the baby, there are models on the market with attached toys, music or vibrations that will help him fall asleep faster.

If you want it to be easier for you, opt for an easy-to-clean model, whose covers can be machine washed.

Depending on the budget you have decided to allocate to the purchase of a pram, you will find on the internet various products, with various functions and designs.

Carefully study the offers and choose the best pram for your baby, in which he will feel comfortable and safe, just like in your arms.


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