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Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing or Sap courses london is an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that has been considered the market leader for years now. SAP is a product of SAP SE Corporation that has its headquarters in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The corporation is highly sought after for its software but before we start let us understand its basic workings.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business tracking module and a business process management tool that has been an integral part of almost all large scale ventures. The need for streamlining the processes of a business has given birth to several process tools. ERP gives a complete and integrated look of the integral business processes that is to be maintained in a database. ERP includes tracking the liquid assets, general assets, resources, manufacturing and marketing divisions and also includes other major workings of the business. These include the internal workings of an organisation such as accounting, salary, workforce, etc. The primary job of ERP is to provide all the information to the Heads of the organisation in real time.

ERP is basically a collection of several different applications or software that integrates the different departments of a business in real time. The continuous flow of information will help in smooth functioning of the business.
One of the biggest names in ERP is SAP which was also the first companies to develop the SAP-ERP which created a name for it rapidly. There are several other ERP tools in the market such as BAAN, JDEdwards, ORACLE ERP, MFG PRO, Microsoft Business Solutions (Navision and Axapta), RAMCO, etc. Even then SAP has been undoubtedly the leader in the ERP applications market owing to its advanced features.

SAP was first introduced in the 1970s by five German engineers who were working for IBM. The software being developed was a prototype that was later rejected by IBM for being worthless. Instead of shutting operations down the five engineers went on to establish a corporation that sold SAP to business.

In today’s digital oriented world, SAP training is becoming a necessary part of every MNC as they use SAP to streamline their massive level of procedures. Professionals with extensive SAP training are being widely sought after and if you have the requisite amount of training then you could even make a great career out of it.

One other thing that ERP certified professional enjoys is the international exposure, the job offers. As the ERP certified professionals now required almost everywhere of the globe Futurecareer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SAP courses definitely add another dimension in a professional profile to increase job opportunities. SAP AG is an ERP software making company in Germany and SAP courses have been started to train IT professional on the functionality of these products. These courses are intended to educate professionals already working or seeking a career in any field to use these ERP products as a tool for better performance.

The ERP software is an efficient tool that helps in improving functions and helping the management to get better and accurate information as well as guidelines for future planning and strategies. Any professional armed with a SAP course will have an edge over other ones as he will be able to perform far better utilizing the resources provided by ERP software which will increase his job opportunities. SAP courses do not make you an expert of any domain in fact they add another skill to your profile and increase your job opportunities combining with your industry experience and knowledge.

There are many SAP courses for different segments which can give an in depth knowledge of how to utilize the IT infrastructure to its optimum. Today, whether it’s a small, mid size or big company they use IT infrastructure and ERP software for improving their efficiency. SAP professionals are required to utilize these resources and give optimum returns to their employer according to their ability.

SAP courses not only increase job opportunities in the companies where ERP has been used but also in the companies using IT infrastructure for their functioning. One can pursue his career as SAP expert or SAP consultant also as most of the companies seek for such profiles for implementation, feasibility check and training purposes with in the organization or for new ventures. Though optimum utilization of the knowledge imparted in these courses is possible with an ERP software but ability to improve existing processes and developing new processes to avoid discrepancies and redundancies of a SAP professional, opens doors for new job opportunities for him.

SAP offers courses in marketing, human resource, product life cycle, finance, business applications, supply chain etc. To enhance job opportunities with these SAP courses, knowledge and experience of the particular domain is compulsory. As it is evident, that all of these domains are integral part of almost every company’s functioning irrespective of its size and geographical location, after doing any of these SAP course and having sound domain knowledge and expertise gives immense job opportunities to a professional. SAP courses not only enhance job opportunities but also contribute significantly in career growth. These courses have been designed from executive level to managerial and master certifications. These certifications require domain knowledge and understanding of SAP solutions.

Basically with rise in the use of IT infrastructure for better and efficient working, by almost every company SAP courses opens flood gates of job opportunities for the professionals having sound domain knowledge. The SAP certification proves a candidates worth as a thorough professional with capacities to bring down the gap between planning and execution of strategies.


SAP is provided by SAP AG Germany which is on of the most renowned producers of business software. ERP software is becoming more and more popular between entrepreneurs of all types because it automates business processes and it makes them more efficient. The benefits of correctly implementing an ERP system are obvious and more and more business owners decide to do this. In this case, the need for ERP consultants is constantly increasing and those knowing how to use ERP software are in great demand on the work force market. People interested in giving a boost to their career or in improving their professional skills look for SAP courses more than ever.

Since good news travel fast, employees have heard about the opportunities an SAP course might provide for their career and about the fact that employers are looking for ERP consultants and have decided to go for such a course. Training institutions have also speculated the profit they would make from offering SAP courses and there is no major city where you won’t find at least one provider of SAP courses. SAP fees vary of course from institution to institution and sometimes the difference is considerable. Nevertheless, the quality of those courses also varies depending on who’s providing them.

Because there are many modules available in an SAP course, the course fees will depend on how many modules you wish to attend. When deciding on what module to take, people usually consider their previous experience. Those who work in accounting, for instance, go for the accounting module, while marketing people find it more advantageous to take the sales and distribution module. SAP courses for one module can range between 10,000 rupees to 35,000 rupees.

Although the difference might seem huge at a first glance and you might wondering why to pay 25.000 rupees more for the same thing, don’t forget to do a little research and to make sure that the institution providing the course is a reputable one. Quality should not be compromised for the money because after all the reason for taking this course is to know how to use ERP software and to be able to work with it efficiently. Reputable and experienced training institutions will offer more expensive SAP courses in most of the cases, but this might also be because the learning process is qualitative and they have the best teachers available.



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