The biggest mistakes you make when decorating your living room


Designing your living room is really challenging. You need to balance functionality and style, integrate large pieces of furniture in this space along with creating a space that is super appealing to your guests and pretty practical for your family. And there are also some other challenges you face when tackling the living room décor. Well, this leads to committing some mistakes which can otherwise be avoided during such times.

Mistakes you make when decorating the living room

Who doesn’t want their living room to be splendid? And of course, you do your best in order to achieve this goal. But sometimes you either skip some steps or overdo them which become your mistakes in decorating this space. We just hope you’ll take all challenges to your stride and design a perfectly vibrant and alluring living room.

  • Being afraid of colours

Colours are the most essential components of your living room décor. They have the power to either light up your room or make it go flat. So choosing the colours wisely stays so important in decorating a living room perfectly. But often you are really afraid to select the colours your heart desires. Firstly, free yourself from the trap of the monotonous colour shades that you see everywhere around you. You just are not bound to select only cream or whites for this room. You can make it splendid and vibrant in reds and yellows and peaches as well, or go sombre with navy, bottle green, chocolate, or even charcoal. Basically, you’ve to skip the mistake of limiting yourself to only certain shades of colours and call the house painters in Auckland from Ayda Painting and Decorating to encourage you in this step. They’ll paint the living room neatly making the space look alluring in any shade you pick. Also, looking at the room, the size, the amount of natural light it gets, etc. they can suggest colours too (in case you are too confused).

  • No art or weird art

Since the living room is comparatively a larger space, adding art pieces in this section enhances its beauty. So, if you’re not adding something really captivating to this room, this is a mistake that often makes your living room decor go flat. And on the contrary, if you are adding something out of place, then again, it makes your living room appear strange and unattractive. Picking the classy pieces, which suit your interior décor and the theme, is important.

  • Strange furniture layout

Just glance around your living room. Is your furniture forced against the walls? Well, this is something that immediately snatches the beauty of your living room. Often, you consider having more space in this section more important than the beauty of the place. Remember, your furniture should be arranged in such a manner that they make the living room appear welcoming and invite conversation. Now you have to accordingly devise a functional yet aesthetic layout.

 If you ask us, these mistakes are the biggest ones that tend to make your living room appear dull – almost like an afterthought. Also, mismatched furnishing, crowing the place with artefacts, too many rugs and throws, cluttered shelves etc. also spoil the beauty of the space.  


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