There Is No More Job Security!


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In today’s world, dividing lines are sometimes blurred between career fields, as many market segments interact with each other in many ways. A good example is an automotive industry, in which I have extensive experience, both as a customer and as a business advisor. The major automakers are connected to their supply chains like no other time in history.

United Auto Workers has now gone on strike against General Motors, where the key issue is job security. Job security? There is no more job security! How can you expect a company to deliver something like this? You must security bollards be kidding. That was my reaction when an in-depth story in the NY Times detailed the situation. UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said “GM cannot take its eyes off the bottom line, which is lifetime job security for union members,” Internet news source Scrappleface reported.

As a child, it was common to see people work their entire careers for a single company that retired after 40 years with a good pension. I don’t think the term “job security” was a problem at the time. It was more given. People assumed that their employer would take care of them. This perception is almost unknown since many people have five or more different careers during their life. Times have changed far beyond anyone’s imagination from that period.

As job security no longer exists, the UAW’s expectations are totally unrealistic. What are you thinking? Although GM wanted to provide this, they are hardly in a financial position to do so, especially at this time. Employers compete for these days in a global economy subject to world market forces and far-reaching economic considerations. Businesses have been forced to become more efficient, automate, and eliminate unnecessary jobs, while also battling raw material escalation, labor shortages, and increasing healthcare costs by 25-30% annually.

The best way for a person to ensure his financial security is to forget about job security and other rights and start thinking about investing in his own financial security. They must learn, learn, learn; becoming an expert in a particular field, becoming completely invaluable to an employer or an industry.

A salesperson, for example, with such knowledge and skills, will soon become a critically important resource in his industry, always in demand and creating a beautiful life. It’s about financial security, not job security. Learn how to: personalize. Adjust. Change. Listens. Stretch. Learn. Request.

Video door entry security systems

Modern technology is constantly changing the face of security. The first security point is usually the entrance to the property. This is where video intercom security systems help control access for both security reasons and convenience.

If you are looking for a home security system, this is where you start. First of all, you must decide whether to install your video intercom at your front door or at your front door. It depends on where the first barrier is for visitors, strangers, or friends.

It is always better to be able to see and hear when someone knocks on the door, and immediately know who is there before opening, and perhaps receive a nasty surprise.

Most models have a camera aimed at the entrance area. There is a built-in microphone. When the door or bell rings, the camera is activated and you can immediately see who is on your screen inside the premises.

You can see and hear the person and respond if you want. Then you decide if you want to record this person or not.

You will find a large selection of types of video door entry devices and you will have to look around and decide which type and model suit your needs.

Different brands of video intercom security systems have many different characteristics; You will have to do your research to see which ones are necessary for you and which ones would be insignificant extras that you would rather not pay for.

Today’s security systems are so sleek and neat. Actually, their eyes no longer hurt but are small and conspicuous.

Depending on the price you are looking for the equipment, you can generally choose between a black and white or a color monitor.

Mobile devices are particularly useful. Its main camera is mounted on the outside, while the screen is available in a small device that is barely larger than a mobile phone.

Wherever you are in your home or even outside in the backyard, you can immediately see and hear when someone is in the driveway.

You can talk to and listen to them, and some models even have a remote control button that opens the door for them if you want them in. All this without going to the door at all.

Video door entry security systems are available in a wide range of prices, depending on the level of sophistication. Not everyone needs to be able to communicate or give access to a visitor remotely.

For your circumstances, all you may need is a simple, inexpensive indoor LCD wall-mounted on your front door, on your desk, or near your favorite chair. Basically just a warning before opening the door.

If you choose a more expensive model, you may find that a recording option is really useful. If you are away from home and someone is paying for a call, you can check your recorder and see who it was and listen to a message.

These video recording systems generally display a date and time indicator to show you when the camera was triggered so you know exactly when your visitors were there.

The night is usually when people feel that the security risk is greatest. If you are fidgety at night, you can have a camera that uses infrared light so you can see who your call is, health and fitness items, even in the dark.

The need for security systems

Administrations that have neglected the importance of security have violated the Civil Code and have been an indirect cause of any harm inflicted on people. Negligence is the main reason security personnel has repeatedly failed to deal with the pervasive force of crime.

Advanced security has played the role of savior in the saga of wars between security and crime. Humans tend to lose concentration and are not very consistent in engaging in unanimous activity for long hours, allowing complacency to creep in or negligence to take over. Therefore, we must rely on machines and devices to solve our security problems and ensure that security measures are kept tight. Machines don’t sleep or lose concentration. They obey an order and do nothing more than following the special order. If we take care of the energy needs of the machines, we can be strongly protected against all the criminal threats that surround us.

We have state-of-the-art equipment and machines on military bases and battlefields. Even cabinets, banks, and mints have highly advanced security systems that are so strong that a pin trail can also be detected and executed. To ensure the absolute protection and safety of society against crime, these technological marvels must be available in every corner of a city, town, or metropolis. CCTV cameras, surveillance equipment, tape recorders, metal detectors, home alarms, car alarms, burglar alarms, police surveillance systems, etc. They must be installed in all corners of a place where people live in a certain concentration.

Citizens, for their part, must buy or rent security systems. Buying computer or electronic wardrobes and safes can save you money and valuables that a regular closet might not do. Computerized recording devices can generate a large amount of data that can also be used by the police and security forces. The expenses of the security system are not expenses, but an investment that has the ability to provide absolute security in returns. One shouldn’t shy away from the security system to save a few bucks.


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