Top 3 iOS Apps in their Respective Categories that Offer Expert-Level Solutions to the Users


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It’s that time of the year again when people from all walks of life go crazy after new smartphones, especially iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy series. Many factors make iPhones extremely relentless but one of them that stands out is the quality and brand recognition. The average price of an iPhone is now around $1000 but there are still many people who go for it virtually every year. They upgrade their phone so that they can use the latest features of the iPhone like an advanced camera or new privacy settings. 

Recent research reports from reputable publications and industry analysts state that going for expensive phones will make you indebted in the future. But still, the features of the iPhone and other flagship smartphones from the top companies get the attention of their fans. An iPhone is nothing without mobile apps. After all, it is the apps that make it a great smartphone as just the stellar hardware features are nothing if complemented by apps. 

What Advantage Businesses Have?

There is a common perception that Android apps are not safe, and the security of the user is always compromised. iOS apps are regarded as something superior to Android apps. iPhone apps are famous for their consistent performance and outstanding innovation. Startups and established brands are investing in iOS app development to generate more revenue and meet ROI. That is why businesses look for the services of an experienced app development company to help them out in reaching their target audience.

Let me offer you whether this perception is for real and if some or all iOS apps are exemplary in how they work on iPhone. Please go through this blog as I discuss three exceptional apps that make the iPhone great. And users can use it according to their specifications.

1. StopTheMadness Mobile

It is a Safari extension to make the browsing experience better. Just like the browsers are used on desktops and other handheld devices, excuses on smartphones must also be according to the requirements of the users. But you won’t find many users completely satisfied with the experience that they get on the browsers. Most of them lag once you open several tabs. And when it comes to downloading and the browser update, their real performance can be gauged. 

StopTheMadness is a paid app but the one which makes the browsing much better. Its features are designed in a way so that they remove any annoying ads and the experience of using it is seamless. There are other utilities and tools that remove ads and other annoying features of a website, it is still a very good option for iPhone users.

There is an option to block Google AMP along with tracking and clickjacking. URL shorteners can also be bypassed to get you to the original links. So, if you need something that can maximize your browser experience, this is the one to go. 

2. Halide Mark II – Pro Camera 

One reason why many iPhone users go for it is because of superior camera performance. Google Pixel is another phone which is highly regarded in terms of the quality of pictures and videos. So, the editing of images and videos must be on song. It is one of the most expensive apps on the app store at $12 per year, but the options and features of this app are extensive. 

There are powerful functions that are within reach of even a newcomer as this app is all about helping out anyone. Of course, experienced users will get the most out of this app as some of the features are not for everyone. But people can quickly get used to it. Manual focus, and taking care of all the best features of Apple’s hardware are enough to make it a great app.  

The need for professional photographers is taken care of nicely. RAW format accessibility and peaking tools ensure users are never out of options to take a picture that can stand out in detail.

3. Infuse 7 

Fans of movies and TV shows look for websites and cloud services so that they can stream videos other than to save them on their device. The space is always limited and even the use of a memory card won’t do much. Watching shows in 4K resolution means you have to compromise on how much you can save on your phone. That is why Infuse 7 is your best bet. 

The app lets you squeeze all the files on your device so that streaming is very easy. Its home screen can be customized for your use. Cover art is automatically applied, and you can download soft subtitles very easily. 

If you still want to use an app that is according to your requirements, there is always the option of hire app developer. The developer can create an app according to your preferences so that the end result is exactly what you have in mind. For individuals, it may be very expensive, but for small businesses and startups, this can be the perfect way to get the attention of their target audience. And especially those people who are looking for the exact solution.

Final Word

You can easily guess from this list that using an iPhone is also just like using Android or any other operating system. But it is the seamless experience and going through every app in a hassle-free manner that makes it worth the money spent. While there is no dearth of users who go for just the brand value of the iPhone rather than anything else, other users look for smart solutions. And the apps above offer just that so that they are better off in using an expensive phone rather than numerous Android phones that are much cheaper. 

You have used any of the above-mentioned apps or want to share your experience with all the details of this block, don’t be shy and speak up. You can start a healthy conversation with everyone or even ask questions about any aspect that you think is bothering you. 

For any feedback too, please use the comments section below. 


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