Top Cost-Effective Methods To Fix A Sagging Car Headliner


If you’re new to the concept of a car headliner, then you must know that it’s a collective term for all the layers that cover the interior ceiling of your vehicle’s roof. The headliner in a car helps in adding insulation to its interiors, meaning that heat transfer between the interiors & exteriors of a car will not be present. Moreover, the headliner also helps in blocking out exterior sounds to make the car cabin sound quieter. 

Therefore, in case you’re experiencing a sagging car headliner inside your car interiors, then it’s time you look for ways to fix the same. To assist you with the same, we are suggesting some cost-friendly fixing options that you can opt for a sagging headliner repair

Best Cost-Effective Options To Fix A Sagging Car Headliner

  • Using A Double-Sided Tape

The process of using double-sided tape is indeed very easy as you just need to fix one side of the tape onto the fabric and the other side onto the foam or the ceiling of your car. The overall speed of the installation process is high and you don’t have to spend much time repairing the same – which is one of the main reasons why most car owners opt for this procedure. 

Moreover, the process is also simple as most of the people out there have double-sided tape at their home. However, if your tape’s glue isn’t hard, then the process might fail quickly and you have to work on it again. 

  • Using Pins 

Almost similar to our previous procedure, in this method you use pins to fix your sagging car headliner. Any type of pin will do great – be it sewing pins, drawing pins or even safety pins. Just take whatever you have at your disposal and use the same to fix your sagging headliner. You’ll need to push the pin all the way through the foam so that it sticks well. 

This is also an effortless procedure just like the earlier one and the fixing process can be completed within just some minutes. It doesn’t matter how big the headliner sag is or how much less experienced you are at this job – the method will work regardless. But, you must remember that from an aesthetic point of view, your car ceiling might look ugly. 

  • Using Hot Glue

Coming to our third cost-effective fixing method, this process is pretty simple – you need to apply some hot glue between the headliner & the underneath layers and you’ll be completing the procedure in no time. 

This method is great to be utilized for any slight sag. However, if the sag is serious, then you might need something better to combat the process. But, it’s still a good process to perform. 

What’s The Best Option For You?

Each method comes with its merits & demerits, which is why you have to make the ultimate decision. However, we’d always suggest going ahead with the double-sided tape fixing process because of its simplicity. It will take you the least amount of time & money, out of all of the other procedures mentioned above. 


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