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The past year has been very taxing for everyone, and as the spooky festival is around the corner, don’t miss out on an opportunity to celebrate with your friends and family. So what if you can’t step out and celebrate together physically? Virtual Halloween platforms have always got your back. Celebrating with your close ones and your employees on a virtual platform will give you a sense of togetherness even after being physically apart. With everything happening virtually, celebrate this horror festival with a virtual twist and get the spookiness going. 

What is a virtual Halloween party?

Halloween celebrations conducted over virtual platforms are virtual Halloween parties. The celebrations revolve around the Halloween theme with traditional Halloween games like pumpkin carving, trick or treats, costume contests, hunting horror houses, and more. Since “Virtuality has become the new reality” and we are getting used to it, celebrating festivals online is the new way of getting ourselves together- not literally.

How to celebrate Halloween virtually?

Shifting virtually doesn’t mean you need to put your celebrations and festivals on hold. You can still have fun-filled celebrations with your friends, family, or colleagues. Here are some virtual Halloween party ideas to get you in the festive zone and make this spooky festival a fun experience for you- 

Select a virtual Halloween party platform

If you wish to host a virtual Halloween party, start with selecting a platform. Select a solution that provides different features such as virtual 3D space and other engaging features. Choosing an online platform won’t require you to have fancy equipment. Joining a virtual Halloween party requires a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Host virtual Halloween games

Organize virtual Halloween games and activities to make your celebrations more spooky. If you are celebrating it with your employees, you can involve their families to make it more interesting. You can include activities like pumpkin carving, tricks or treats, virtual haunted houses, murder mystery games. Divide all the guests into teams and assign them different tasks. These activities will allow the guests to unwind and communicate with each other. 

Send Gifts to your guests

Gifts are an excellent way of showing gratitude towards a person and thanking them for anything. Send out gifts to all your guests and acknowledge their presence in your life. You can either mail them the gifts or send digital gifts if the first option isn’t feasible. 

Stream scary movies

Another option to make your Halloween celebrations exciting is by organizing a scary movie marathon. Make sure the movie is not too frightening if any kids will be a part of your celebrations. You can consider a few options and conduct a live poll to choose the most desirable option. 

Send an eerie invitation

Send an invitation to all your desired guests a few weeks before the party. Don’t forget to mention the basic details along with the rules and regulations of the party. You can skip regular invites and send out a spooky video invite also. Send a reminder a few days before the party to make sure they don’t forget. Unleash your inner artist and get as creative as you can with the invite. 

Create a Halloween playlist

Is it even a celebration without a good music playlist? Look for the best Halloween songs and put them together in a playlist. Keep the list open and share it with your guests sometime before the party so that they can also add their choices. 

Organize a virtual Halloween costume contest

Another exciting way to give your celebrations more Halloween vibes is by organizing a virtual Halloween costume contest. You can set a particular theme for the competition that can be anything of your choice. You can also keep the competition to different themes. Make the competition exciting by selecting judges of the competition and rewarding the winners. 

If you are planning on attending a virtual Halloween celebration but don’t know how to dress up for it, keep scrolling down the blog to get some of the most trending Halloween costume ideas for 2021:

Trending Halloween costume ideas 2021 for kids

  1. Get Creative- Get your creative side on the table and dress up your little one accordingly. You don’t have to buy everything from stores. Mix up different accessories and clothing pieces together and give your kid a Halloween-themed costume. 
  2. Dress up similarly- Family theme costumes never disappoint. Dress up your kids or everyone in your family the same way. It will make you and your family stand apart from the rest of the attendees. Explore endless opportunities and start planning your costumes today. 
  3. Superheroes- Is there anything cuter than kids dressing up like Spiderman, Batman, and other superheroes? It is one of the most preferred Halloween costume ideas for kids. Play it differently by skipping the regular superhero options. Go with Wonder-woman this time.
  4. Decorate the background- While there was nothing to do with the backdrop in physical Halloween parties, it isn’t the case with their virtual counterparts. Make full use of at-home celebrations. Along with dressing up the kid, Decorate the background and give it a more spooky feel. 

Halloween costume ideas for adults

  1. Witch- It is the classiest Halloween costume idea for women. You can easily have access to all the elements of the costume and dress up without any difficulty. 
  2. Vampire-  Ever since the movie ‘twilight’ got released, people have gone crazy for dressing up as a vampire. As per the data, over one billion people like to dress up as Edward Cullen or the classic Dracula. 
  3.  Ghost- It is one of the most undemanding Halloween costume ideas. You only need a sheet and a pair of scissors, and Voila, You are good to go. 
  4. Black Cat- Though black cats are considered a sign of bad luck, especially around Halloween, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like one. Mark your presence in your upcoming virtual Halloween celebrations in a black cat costume.

Trending Halloween costume ideas for pets:

  1. Give the pumpkins a twist- Ever found anything cuter than a pet dressed up as a pumpkin? Pumpkins on Halloween are familiar but not your pet in a pumpkin costume. Don’t miss the opportunity and dress up your pet as one. 
  2. Four-legged Pizza- Dress up your four-legged friend as your favorite food. Imagine your pet moving around all dressed up like a pizza!
  3. Get them a Superhero look- Who said only humans are allowed to dress up as superheroes? Give your furry friend a mask and cape and see them adding joy to the party. 
  4. Cat for dog and dog for cat- Halloween is all about dressing up as something you’re not. Keep this in mind and dress up your dogs or cats like a bird or any other animal. 

Best last-minute Halloween costume ideas

  1. Pop-art character- Get back in time with your costume and dress-up like a pop art character from your favorite comic or movie. You only need to color your face and wear a wig. That’s it. You are ready for your Halloween celebrations. 
  2. Dress up like google maps- One of the most creative group Halloween costume ideas, you and your friend can dress up like google navigation points and surprise everyone with your creativity. 
  3. Candies- Add colors to your celebration by dressing up as your favorite candies. It is another last-minute Halloween costume idea; you and your friends need to put colorful T-shirts and let the fun vibes flow. 

Final Word- The only thing you need to follow while preparing for a Halloween celebration is to be who you’re not. Throw the best Halloween party to your family, friends, and employees with Dreamcast’s Virtual Halloween Platform. Get creative with your costume and keep the Halloween spirit high. 

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