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Warm Up Your House With a Fireplace Mantel

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Fireplace mantels

A fireplace is nothing without a fireplace mantel. Without it, the fireplace looks like a lone wall that only emanates light. That only causes one to feel eerier and you don’t want that in your household. A modern fireplace mantel is the most important aspect of the entire fireplace inside the house. A fireplace without a fireplace mantel is dull to look at.

Fireplaces embody tradition and classical aesthetics. It has been a focus of attraction for people who understand that a mantel evokes beauty in the fireplace. The fireplace becomes more picturesque and which in turn boosts the value of the house.


Fireplace mantels originated in the Renaissance period in Italy. The first designs were inspired by the constructive architecture of the Romans and Greeks. The designs became more evolved during the Edwardian era. Nowadays, the design and material both serve as the determining factor in choosing a fireplace mantel in terms of look and feel.

Which Type of Mantel Is Best?

To understand which mantel is appropriate for your fireplace, you need to first decide which type of fireplace mantel you want to use. Houses have different types of fireplaces which understandably requires diverse mantels. If you live in an older house, antique mantels are suitable. This is especially perfect for colonial-styled houses that carry a timeless essence within them evoking designs of the previous epochs.

People can also take the time to know if they want to have a surrounding mantel or fireplace shelves mantel. Mantel shelves operate by accentuating the fireplace comparable to a crown uplifting a Prince. The shelves hold the homeowner’s most priceless possessions which are displayed for visitors to stare at in awe. Mantel surrounds themselves to enable the fireplace to become the highlight by providing the fireplace sides with dimensions.

To put it bluntly, the fireplace mantel is just as important as the fireplace itself if not more. This is not necessarily in terms of its operation, but more so in terms of appearance. The aesthetics of the entire household is drastically improved with the mantel’s addition to the fireplace. This is why making a proper choice when it comes to mantels is crucial. Yes, mantels are expensive but no beautiful products in this day and age come cheap. If you want to acquire something that beautifies your house, you need to come up with a good budget.

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