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This is Multicolored prayer mat is an interactive prayer mat that person perform a prayer.

A prayer mats Islam or prayer rugs is an item of cloth, sometimes just a square pile cloth, used during Muslim prayer, to spread the prayer over the floor. In Islam, it laid on the floor and between the believer and the Allah for hygienic purposes. It has been consider as a necessary item, especially in place of worship like mosques and houses of worship.

There are many types of prayer mats available in the market today. They are usually categorize according to their patterns, quality, color, and price. However, not all prayer rugs in the market are made equal, nor are all prayer rugs create equal. Each one has a particular purpose and specialty that one should look into before purchasing one.

The first thing one should consider when looking for Islamic prayer rugs is its pattern. There are two types of Islamic prayer mats, the Tabriz and the Khurmab. Tabriz prayer rugs are usually thick and plush, with long, elaborate designs and bright colors. For a subtle, calm effect, try the Khurmab. It is also known as the lightest prayer mat available.

Most people would say that an authentic Muslim prayer mat is the one that is laid directly on the ground while doing the prayer. However, it should be note that there is no strict rule about that. The only thing that matters is that there should be enough space beneath the prayer mat for you to kneel or stand. Most authentic Islamic prayer rugs are laid flat. They are usually accompanies by other Islamic home accessories like a rug that is beautifully embroider or scent with the scent of flowers.

Guide and Craft Activity on Muslim Prayer Mats:

Another consideration is the texture or the cut of the prayer mats. Some Muslims prefer a smoother rug, while others want their Islamic rugs to be thicker and rougher. It is up to the buyer to determine what kind of prayer mat he wants. Also, there are different styles available in terms of the material of the rug. The common ones are make from wool, cotton, jute, sisal, and ramie.

This a Islamic prayer mat for performing prayer

When looking at Islamic prayer mats, you should consider the pattern, the color, and the quality of the fabric. There are several reasons why this is important. The first one is the fact that a proper prayer rug should help and guide you in performing your prayers, and at the same time should not distract you from what you are suppose to be focusing on.

This is necessary, especially for Muslim women who have to pray in a crowd and loud place where it may not be possible to concentrate on any single thing. A well-made prayer rug is an excellent asset to have in any house. When we talk about the design and style, the most popular Muslim accessory is the Islamic prayer rugs. They come in different sizes and patterns to cater to every Muslim’s preference.

 You can get them in plain colors, or you can get ones that have special motifs or designs. Some Ottoman manufacturers specialize in providing prayer rugs exclusively for Muslims, so you won’t find any shortages when it comes to designs and styles. If you are in the mood to buy something elegant, you can pick up beautiful prayer rugs that are design as wall decors or as floor pillows. Some of these decorative items have intricate carvings on their panels. They usually remind me of the caves of the desert.

Buy Online Best Quality Islamic Prayer Mats:

These beautiful and detailed Islamic prayer mats will certainly make anyone who sees them feel like they are really in the middle of the holy Islamic teachings. The price range of these products is usually between twenty and forty dollars. You can find them easily in any furniture store or even in the Internet.

There are also online stores that specialize in selling Muslim home products, including prayer rugs. So if you want to spice up your home with a beautiful accessory that would surely make you feel closer to Allah, then you can definitely choose from the wide selections available in the Islamic prayer rugs.

The most important thing about these rugs is that you can count on them not to move even. When there is an actual breeze. It’s actually an added advantage if you use prayer mats Islam that are waterproof. These kinds of products can also be use as prayer mats inside the house. There are manufacturers that made them in such a way that you could use them as floor mats inside the house. They are just the best option when you are looking for an all-purpose prayer mat.

This is Multicolored prayer mat is an interactive prayer mat that person perform a prayer.


This is a very important tip that I have been giving you all along. If you want to buy the best Islamic prayer rug for yourself then you need to remember that there is no specific pattern that will fit any particular prayer. A good example would be that if you are going to pray amour, it is best to use a rug that has some texture or a pattern that has the same shape as the amour. The goal is to create a unique, comfortable and striking prayer mat that is ideal for your use.


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