What is Engineering Competency Claims?


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Engineers Australia (EA) requires you to submit an Engineering Competency Claims (ECC) form in order to become a chartered member. Members of Engineers Australia who wish to be enrolled in the National Engineering Register (NER) must demonstrate their skills as professional engineers. The skills must match the Engineers Australia Stage 2 competency criteria. The chartered credential is recognized as a top engineering professional status through practice. EA engineers who wish to become chartered members must prove their technical proficiency in leadership, safety, quality, and knowledge through ECC.

Engineering Competency Claim

It is necessary to first understand the four major units of engineering competency claims, which are:

Personal Commitment

Candidates must demonstrate their ability to recognize and enhance their competencies as well as their ability to address ethical concerns and demonstrate their job obligations in this section.

Application to the Community

The candidate must demonstrate how they have worked for the improvement of the community throughout their careers and how they have established sustainable solutions by understanding the needs of the stakeholders of this unit. The employee must demonstrate that they are familiar with the legal standards, laws, and codes applicable to their employment.

The Value in the Workplace

Candidates should demonstrate how they can establish and maintain connections in the workplace, express their ideas clearly, and improve the quality of their work with tools and processes in this section.

Technical Proficiency

Candidates must demonstrate how they can use engineering knowledge, how they can solve engineering challenges and propose new solutions, and how they can assess the implications and impacts of those solutions in this section.

Each of these four sections contains 16 elements. Engineers Australia also provides specific indicators of achievement for each area. In the engineering competency claim, each component of the Stage 2 Competency Claim must be demonstrated. To put it another way, they must describe how they applied these aspects in their engineering careers. These indications can be used by candidates to prove their competence. Thus, the Engineering Competency Claims include the applicants’ activities and choices that may be used as verifiable aspects of Engineers Australia requirements.

How to Write a Perfect Engineering Competency Claims?

It takes a lot of work and commitment when something as essential as being a part of the National Engineering Registrar rests on how successfully an engineer can compose and present his ECC. Here, we’ll go through several key topics that will assist you in creating outstanding Engineering Competency Claims.

Preparing the Claim: It is recommended that a person journeys back in time to recount and capture a few instances from his work life in which their patience was tried and they made a major contribution. During the planning phase, make a note of anything important that will help you expound on your abilities and other interests. It will also be an additional benefit if you organize all the facts according to career episodes.

Drafting the ECC: Once a person begins drafting their claim, there are a few things to bear in mind based on the preferences and instructions provided. In no more than 700 words, you must mention all of your support and proof. So be succinct and to the point.

All of an applicant’s papers must be presented in a narrative format, with all references made in the first person. Make sure your grammar is perfect and that you don’t have any spelling mistakes. Make sure your tale doesn’t contain any remarks or incidents that might lead to assumptions. Always be clear, and make sure you’re happy with what you’ve read and that you’ve addressed all of the chartered engineers’ queries before you complete the draft.

After writing the claims you can check them on your own whether they are within these principles or not.

Authenticity: You must exhibit your own skills, not those of your teammates or coworkers.

Validity: You do not need to provide a made-up scenario, but rather a real-life experience.

Reliability: You should be able to demonstrate that you can rely on your solutions and outcomes in the future if necessary. It wasn’t a coincidence that anything transpired the way it did.

Current: Engineers Australia does not set any time constraints, although candidates are asked to give career episodes from the previous eight years. If this is not the case, they must first discuss the acceptance of outdated evidence with their assessor.

Sufficiency: Your proof must be adequate to cover all of the competency areas, allowing the assessor to quickly assess your abilities.

Steps Involved in the Preparation of ECC

You will need to present concrete proof in the Engineering Competency Claims so, begin by considering at least six important career episodes to which you’ve made a substantial contribution. For example, you may think about your resume, any reports, ideas, specifications, or successes you have achieved over these career episodes, or you could think about the technical challenges and activities in the Stage 2 Competency requirements.

Define the abilities associated with your significant career episodes now that you’ve gathered information about them. So, have a look at Engineers Australia’s competence components and think about where you think you’ve used these skills. In a single career episode, more than one element may have been used. There may possibly be certain elements that have never been used. If this is the case, start a new one and try to come up with a career episode that incorporates all of the remaining skills.

Now you must pick the professional experiences that best reflect your abilities and skills as your proof of competence for evaluation from these career episodes.

While writing your engineering competency claims there are certain points that you must consider

Each claim you write should be no more than 700 words long. It should describe in detail how you successfully applied the competence aspects. Assessors may consider ECCs with fewer than 500 words to be insufficient.

The assessor is interested in learning about your work history, how you did it, and why you did it. So, use stories and write in the first person in your ECC.

You can list the activities in bullet points, but make sure the sentences make sense and are grammatically accurate.

In a single career episode, you may illustrate the use of many elements. You should, however, aim to identify at least 5 career episodes that include all of the components.

Always bear in mind that your writing must be crystal clear. Make sure you’re giving the assessor precise and straightforward information.

Before you write your own, think about these instances of engineering competency claims. This will offer you a clear picture of how to continue and what you should concentrate on.

If at all feasible, use powerful career episodes and don’t leave anything to the assessor’s imagination. A low word count, as well as a bad career episode, might result in insufficient ECC.

You only need to describe your forecasts, decisions, and actions, not your project or how your team fared on it. 


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