What is web development and why is it important?


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Web development is, perhaps, one of the most sought after professions and that is also why it is one of the most necessary training . But how much do you know about web development? We are going to enter this exciting world and discover what it is, what it is for, what are the types of web development and the languages ​​involve, among other data that are necessary for today’s world.

The Internet is a powerful machine. In the macro, everything that is seen there, all interaction, movement and novelty in the great network, owes its existence to web development. At the micro level, thanks to this development, websites are create and maintain.

Therefore, web developer is one of the professions whose demand is increasing.

And work with the designer for which website is expect by the consumer. According to a statistic made by Web FX, 90% of people leave a website because it is poorly design.

On the other hand, 89% go to the competitor’s website if the user experience on the site is bad. For this reason, web developers are need all over the world and there are daily and urgent requests from companies and people who need one in order to improve their digital performance.

Read on to discover step-by-step why this profession is so important and why training in web development or web development in Lahore can be an interesting option .

What is Web Development?

As its name indicates, it has to do with the development of the web (network, cobweb for its translation into Spanish). The Web or World Wide Web, as indicate by the diminutive, or the acronym www, is a system that manages information to transmit data through the Internet.

History of Web Development

The www works thanks to different technologies such as URL or HTML, create by Tim Berners Lee and develop in the 1990s.

So, on the one hand, there is the www and, on the other, the web that, at the same time, encompasses different websites. Each website is made up of a group of link web pages access over the internet. Each website is identify with a unique URL, something like the identity document of the brand, company or figure.

Web development is, then, the construction and maintenance of websites, which includes applications . What is seen and what is not seen. Something like behind the scenes of a work but including the start-up and the subsequent exhibition.

Whether a website is attractive, looks great, works as quickly as the visitor demands, and enables an excellent user experience is up to the developer. As well as, it is your task that the products or messages are display in a practical way and that it can be a self-administrating website.

web development possibilities

Similar to ghostwriters or national data file managers, the web developer makes it possible for a website to function, be agile, and meet the needs of supply and demand.

While a designer is in charge of making the aesthetic part of a website, the web developer is the translator of what the company wants to what the user sees.

A web developer translates the desire of one to the need of the other thanks to programming codes.

Having this knowledge today is like owning a gold mine. All skills relate to web development are in high demand because almost everything we see and do during the day is digital-relate. And, much of the digital, exists thanks to this discipline.

There are many possibilities in web development, so it is time to know and explore them.

Types of Web Development

For every task that the web developer performs, there is a type of programming language, which you can read about later. Therefore, there are different types of web development: Front-end and Back-end . They are two separate units of web development, but one works for the other.

As in any tool, its use is essential. For this reason, for a website it is not enough to know how to get a domain or establish meta tags. You have to apply web development in a complete way.

Frontend development

The Frontend or Front-end is the functional part of web development, it is responsible for complying with the detail usability standards. Therefore, it includes User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) .

When a user visits a site and begins to navigate and want to interact, they should be able to do so almost intuitively. If the Front-end is badly construct, the site will cause discomfort and will not fulfill its function. For example, an image with the caption “Buy here.” The image or caption must be clickable by the user to reach the sale. If it is only two fix elements that show the information as if it were a flyer, the Front-end fail.

Colors, images, videos, icons, buttons, menus, everything that involves the user experience is part of this type of development. JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular are the basic languages ​​for the code that deals with the user experience on each website and that you will understand in the next paragraphs.

Part of the work of the Front-end is the accessibility tests that must be done to guarantee access to the website for the majority of users. Here are also involve usability tests, graphic design, SEO or search engine positioning work, compatibility with browsers, website loading and performance. On the other hand, the

Back-end or Backend

is the behind the scenes, the structural part. This part is not visible by users, it is hidden. But, also, it is made in a programming code that involves different languages.

From the database to the servers, updates, changes and the information necessary for each website to be what it shows, that is the Back-end. That which happens in the background and that allows a user to interact with the web.

Just as among the essential languages ​​for the Front-end is HTML, those of the Back-end are Java, Ruby, Python and PHP, among others. The .Net also belongs to the Back-end. But it also depends on the Back-end the management of the database, the cybersecurity that guarantees the transparency and ethics of the website, the scalability, the test frameworks and the availability of the network.

It is that each data request by the software as well as each system that is in demand, works well thanks to the work of the web developer specialize in Back-end. Then, a computer code connects the Back-end with the Front-end so that the website works perfectly and so that each user enjoys the browsing experience.

What is and what does a Full Stack developer do?

A single professional can cover both Back-end and Front-end work and that is the Full Stack developer.

The Full Stack developer has the experience to take care of the total project and the skills to do it and also manage it. The Full Stack develops the code that the Front-end and the Back-end need to connect. Also, the code that will allow the connection and management of the database with the user, so that they enjoy the experience of visiting the website. And, that you get the information you are looking for. The language of programming technologies is also involve and must be handle perfectly by the Full Stack.


Therefore, Full Stack developers must have the flexibility to be able to work with logic and abstraction. On the one hand, they must act as web programmers and, on the other, handle web design and databases. They work, on the one hand, with the client and, on the other, with the users.

It is a professional profile that requires flexibility to move in different areas, which comes from web development. If you have study web development, becoming a Full Stack is like doing a postgraduate or a master’s degree, it is growing in the profession.

Especially in computer technologies, although more and more areas require it, it is necessary to think about any profession with a permanent education approach. Full Stack developers have many functions and it is a profession that implies that, constant training and attention in new developments.

What programming languages ​​are the most use for web development?

A programming language includes codes and rules that form something like an instruction manual or recipes so that computer systems understand the actions that they must carry out. For some years now, new languages ​​have been constantly appearing, increasingly easier to apply and offering more effective optimization of processes. Most are usually open source, with no paid licenses.

While there is no universal answer or standard regarding ideal programming languages ​​because every web developer will feel more comfortable with one or the other, there are some that stand out. This is a list of the most use today for web development due to its different characteristics.

  • PHP: It appear in 1990 and mark a resounding change in the way in which, until then, internet software was develop. It is a practical language that allow us to go from a static web to a dynamic one. PHP allow interaction and that was a great novelty and a great leap in the relationship between the internet and users.

The problem is that it is a language that requires the use of code in abundance and, therefore, a great experience in it. For this reason, it is currently not so popular but it is still the most use. It is essential that any web developer can master it.

  • Python: It was not exclusively design for web development but it is often use with what is call a framework such as Django. It is applicable to multiple contexts such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This means that it can be use for both web and mobile development. Its possibilities of use are more complete than those of other language and for that reason, it is consider one of the most indispensable.
  • Java : It is a programming language that also has many uses and, although its popularity is declining, it is a ubiquitous language. It works in different environments and is fast so it has a wide field of applications and easy portability. It is necessary to know how to use it because of its reliability and its multiplicity of uses.
  • JavaScript: The great language for developing interactive sites. It is another of the essential languages ​​and one of the most use during 2020. It is the king of the programming language for both the client and the server and outside the web if Node.js is use. While not as comprehensive or extensible as Python, JavaScript plus Node.js can solve any web and programming use in complex projects.

He came to the digital world to bring dynamism to websites and, in addition, establish improvements in their usability and functionality. And that terrain has not lost it, on the contrary, it has expand it.

Some other Language

  • TypeScript : It comes from JavaScript and was create in 2012 to solve the problems that JavaScript could cause in large projects. Like JavaScript, it applies to both client and server work.
  • The easy-to-use : There are programming languages ​​that offer a simpler and, therefore, more general possibility of use. Among them, Go (short for Golang) stands out for its flexibility and extensibility. Allows you to create applications with parallel processing. But there is also node js or the Javascript frameworks. And, Ruby on Rails (a Ruby detachment), which is apply on the server side and allows you to create applications very easily and quickly.

These are just some of the most chosen languages but there are more that have not been detail but mention. Beyond that, each developer will find the most suitable for their project and their needs.


If you made it this far, you already have a complete notion about web development and why it is one of the professions with the highest demand. It is not difficult to understand but it is necessary to study it in detail. Guid training allows no data to be overlook and facilitates entry into the labor field in a discipline that is expanding and has, more and more, competition.

For all this, you can use this guide as a reference to investigate the programs of the different courses on web development or specialize in some languages ​​if you have not yet acquire them for web development. In general, understanding a complex subject through its most general edges allows you to obtain an overview and make the best decision to act.

Being a web developer is, without a doubt, very interesting and a path that can be travel by anyone who wants it and who is immerse in the growth of the digital world in all areas in which people move. Welcome to the world of web development in all its manifestations.


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