What Qualities Make a Psychiatrist Competent Enough to Treat Someone’s Mental Illnesses?

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A mental health expert can be anyone who has attended medical school, completed residency, and then earned M.D to diagnose and treat any mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder in a patient. These come in line with some skills and abilities to provide psychological treatments to treat mental illnesses.

However, there is more to it. As a competent psychiatrist, one needs to possess certain key qualities to ensure that one can succeed in their role.

Therefore, here is a list of some qualities that can make any psychiatrist more competent and provide quality care to patients.

Psychiatric Doctors Stay Open for Knowledge

Patients requiring mental treatments are already struggling a lot. Regardless of the sickness level, these people are in a mixture of stumbles and picking themselves back up again, faltering, failing, and trying. Coming across some psychiatrist doctors, who lack adequate knowledge, is the last thing one would want to expect.

Therefore, it is always advised to the psychiatrist to have a firm understanding of the medications, safety considerations, effects, recovery period, resistance, etc. In addition to this, one should also be aware of the patient’s history. Whether there was any involvement in drugs, addiction, violence, etc. This helps the psychiatrist to treat the patient accordingly, and give medications to increase effectiveness.


By providing a sound and supportive environment, psychiatrists can go a long way in meeting the needs of their patients. In the modern and fast-paced world, a competent psychiatrist can change the treatment approach or increase the number of sessions to treat the patient.

Rigid approaches don’t work for the patients. Therefore, with flexible treatment methods in place, one can work towards becoming the best psychiatrist in Dubai. This means that as a psychiatrist, you are willing to host in-person visits, telepsychiatry, etc. It will increase the accessibility of the patient, help them trust and open up about their troubles with clarity.

Holistic Approach

Mental illness does not happen on its own. Mostly, it is a result of some underlying problem that causes it, before the person even becomes aware of it. Therefore, psychiatrists inquire the patients regarding any sleep patterns, diet, exercise, and any stressors. They also look for the level of relationships that they enjoy with their support systems. With a holistic approach, an expert can treat their illness.

Sometimes, even a slight change in lifestyle, improvements in sleep hours, diet, exercises, and even meditation can make a significant improvement. Along the treatment way, some doctors also incorporate the use of pharmaceutical methods to treat depression, anxiety, and also severe diseases.

Consistent Learner

Understanding an individual human brain is quite complex. And then studying multiple human beings, with completely different traits, personalities, illnesses, backgrounds, and even ambitions is a huge task. To add on to these, psychiatrists have to undergo a lifelong process of learning the human brain and treating it. For this, they have to stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge, cutting-edge treatments, and medical standards.

Together, it makes the psychiatrist stay well-aware of numerous aspects of the brain and treat it. Moreover, they also incorporate the advice of their fellow practitioners and provide top-quality health care.


Effective professionals make themselves accessible to the patients. If the patients are feeling distressed and need the help of a psychiatrist, they respond quickly to the urgent message. By becoming accessible, the patient feels more confident and feels that essence of worth and value felt.

The patient’s urgency does not mean that they need help, rather there can be instances when they want to share their moment of happiness with them. Simple accessibility can allow the patient to gain more trust with the psychologist and open up more easily.


Even in some of the worst timings, hope pulls you towards the end of the tunnel. Similarly, for the patients, psychologists provide motivation and hopefulness to help them come out of the illness. A sense of hopefulness strengthens the mind and eases the healing process of mental illness.

Effective psychologists don’t make unrealistic promises, rather emphasize the patient’s steady progress and serve as a much-needed cheerleader along with the patient’s recovery.


One of the best traits among successful psychiatrists is to maintain good records. During the appointments, they make sure to jot down all the necessary points of the meeting, so that the next session can be carried on from there.

This also maintains a track of all the medicines, symptoms, recovery process, side effects to make sure that not the slightest information falls out.

Empathetic Listeners

Prominent research has shown that psychiatrists deploy the use of empathetic skills. It allows them to place themselves in the shoes of the patient and effectively help with mental illnesses. This empathetic behavior allows them to form trusting and lifelong relationships with the patients who have been struggling to communicate earlier. With active listening, and respecting the patient’s concerns and feelings, the psychiatrist can treat the illness adequately.


What else is more dangerous than coming across a psychologist in Dubai who thinks that they possess all the secrets for true and speedy recovery? Instead, a sense of humility can take them a long way. With this trait, they are sometimes able to start a conversation with the patient, by coming down to their level of interpretation. This attitude adds more knowledge for the mental expert and helps the patient to open up.

When any expert believes that they can learn more from someone who sits across the room, collaboration and partnerships are possible. This, in turn, harvests more success than does a magician and his observer.

Specialized Treatment

Since the illnesses vary from one person to another, so do the treatment options and recovery style, and speed. Sometimes a simple talk therapy can work with a psychologist in Dubai, while at others, one might have to approach more senior experts, specialized in a certain area. There is a large pool of such psychiatrists in place such as Addiction Psychiatrists, Neuropsychiatrist, Organizational Psychiatrists, etc.

Depending on the degree and category of mental illness, the general psychiatrist can refer the patient to meet these experts. With specific procedures and treatments techniques, these experts ensure that the patient is treated adequately and sets back to a normal and healthy routine.

The Takeaway

The mental health experts need to be adequately trained in treating the mentally ill. However, these traits contribute equally towards the success of the counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and even the patient’s well-being. Therefore, when looking for these experts, make sure you pick the best psychologist in Dubai. Nevertheless, one right pick can make a huge difference to you and your loved one’s mental illness and health altogether.


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