Which are the Top 5 Double Sided Stoves with Back Boiler?


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A double-sided stove is a stove which has two fronts and hence they are sometimes referred as ‘double fronted stoves’. This means that you have two openings to the stove which has a number of benefits such as:

  • It can heat two rooms simultaneously (When you place the stove in an adjoining chimney breast or when it is inset in an adjoining wall),
  • It can double the fantastic views of the stove fire, and
  • It has got heat output from two sides of the stove rather than one.

Well, because of these benefits, double sided stoves have become the ideal option for heating the large spaces. So, if you already have or want to create a larger room within your home, then double sided stoves with back boiler may be the perfect heating option which will accompany the new, larger, more open space.

Here are top 5 Double Sided Stover with Back Boiler:

1) Double Sided Room Heater Stove by Hazelwood

This is a double sided room heater stove by Hazelwood which is a new addition to the Stoves range of Henley. The creators have done a lot of research and development for bringing out this modern, innovative, and Environment friendly product.

2) Double Sided Stove by Druid

This double sided stove by Druid with 20kw power comes with back boiler which has been designed to heat 2 rooms with its opening doors which are on both sides. However, this double sided stove is created from high grade steel and a heavy cast iron door.

3) Double Sided Cassette Stove by Clare

This is a double-sided stove by Clare Cassette with the power of 12kW. Well, this double sided stove comes with a built-in multi-fuel kit. And, it also has got a large panoramic picture with the viewing glass on both sides and create a stunning focal point in any home.

4) Back Boiler Double Sided Cassette Stove by Faro 700 with 21kW

The Faro double sided multi fuel cassette boiler has been manufactured in beautiful portugal from steel construction which has got an excellent burn control along with more than 80% efficiency level.

5) 14 kW Double Sided Cassette Stove by Lisbon 900 DS

The Lisbon 900 14kW Double sided Wood Burning Cassette has got sleek modern design and large viewing glass which looks stunning in any home. Well, it is available with a choice of a 3 or 4 sided charcoal frame with an optional external air. These double sided stoves with back boiler are also suitable for heat ducting.

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