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Add some fun writing exercises to February with these free printable February writing tips. These include February writing kindergarten inspiring, First grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th-grade students are creative writing students for February with the following themes: dental health month, daily writing tips valentine Earth Day, and President’s Day are just some of the topics covered. Download a great pdf file with writing tips for February and you’re ready to play and learn!

Activity: Sentence frameworks help students with respectful online answers

 what it is and how it is applied to solve problems

Find information and different ways to solve a problem that In something that living things must constantly do my paper to survive. It also attracts the man, who is also characterized by the de

Find information and different ways to solve a problem is something that living things must constantly do to survive. It also extends to humans, which is also characterized by the development of a society in which problems are not only limited to immediate aspects related to survival but rather the generation of different methods to solve abstract and complex problems ( labor, social, logical, or scientific for example).

This is why it is necessary from an early age and throughout education to stimulate the ability to investigate, search for, and select information to solve certain problems. The methodologies and models used to achieve the stimulation can be manifold, an example of which is the so-called Gavilán model, which we will talk about in this article.

The Gavilán Model: An Information Search Methodology

It is named the Gavilán Model for a methodology that consists of four basic steps aimed at contributing to bringing about valid, coherent, logical, and rational investigations. It is a methodology that was born and applied mainly in the academic field (both in school and university education).

On the one hand, the model in question seeks to guide students about the methodology to be used when searching for information, at the same time to be able to give stimulating skills and mastery over the fact that it is detected, selected and used. information.

This model was prepared by the Gabriel Piedrahita Uribe Foundation (The name Gavilán comes from the nickname given to this young man in his childhood, who died in a plane crash at the age of 22 and shortly before joining Harvard as a teacher). university) given the problems observed at the time in other educational models to ensure that students conduct comprehensive and quality information searches in such a way that they provide guidance and enable teachers to develop activities that enable the student to know a specific methodology to search for reliable information in the most optimal way.

The Gavilan model is a simple and easy-to-understand model in the different ages in which it is usually applied, dedicated to the search for information on very specific topics and problems and focused on the collection and analysis of information per se and not so much the actual solution of a problem. In other words, this model provides a framework or methodology, but not a solution to the questions that ask for answers.

Its phases

As we mentioned earlier, the Gavilan model consists of a series of four steps or phases focused on the search and collection of information, each of which has different sub-steps in itself.

It is about a simple process that can be followed by students as well as professionals: Although the process focuses on the student or researcher, the model also offers different options to analyze and evaluate the process for teachers who apply it, and able be to perform evaluations in each of the steps that form part of it. The next steps are the following.

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