5 Tip & Tricks to Rekindle The Spark in Your Relationship

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5 Tip & Tricks to Rekindle The Spark in Your Relationship

If you have stoked a fire, then you know some basic principles that even a small spark can lead to a roaring blaze. As the fire pumps you, you maintain it and continue further, or you just ignore it and let it vanish. A tiny spark can rekindle the old flame same in the relationship too. We often avoid discussing this topic or thinking about bringing back the spark in a relationship? Will it be worth it?

Well, with unceasing efforts, you can surely light a spark in your relationship that you will have to maintain for the long term. Before rekindling your love, you need to think about what went wrong at what point. Did you stop talking or sharing with each other? Did you stop hanging out often, or did your intimacy level drop down over time? Have you stopped giving gifts to one another?

Well, every question’s answer can be a possible reason why your spark died down, but there is always hope that you can stick to it. You can start with gifting, which you often give, but now it has gradually come down to zero. Like customised photo frames online or personalised keychains online, you can give whichever personalised gift you want to give to your lover because you are in the process of bringing intimacy to your relationship.

Well, there are many more tips and tricks that you can work on. Let’s discuss the possible ways to rekindle your love.

Get Physical to Grow Intimacy

Sexual tension often results in breaking off the relationship. If you want to build intimacy again, then sexually, you need to connect, have fun and give utmost pleasure to each other. It is recommended to have sex at an equal time interval because if one is not able to give pleasure to another, the partner automatically moves away. So, try to lower down the sexual tension in your relationship.

Be Curious To know

While you started dating, you used to know every single thing about each other that took your relationship further. Still, as time passes by, we aren’t curious to know what’s going on in another person’s life, which affects the relationship a lot. So, as you are trying to bring the spark back, start noticing and keeping track of what the other person is doing. It would help you to connect with your lover again soothingly.

Turn Down the Conflicts

Conflicts are a part of every relationship, but as you reconnect and rekindle the old flame, you need to be cautious of some old stuff that can ruin things easily. If you see a conflict coming up, it is better to avoid it and turn it down with fun. The other person may try to trigger but remember that you are still in a trying phase where you cannot let anything affect you.

Bring a New Touch

Do you know – The same routine turns boring and the same is with the relationship. When you do not try to do something new in it, the relationship starts fading away. People start getting bored and annoyed with each other. Also, when you do something new and do not get an equal response in it, it’s a major turn off. If you remember your initial courtship days, you know how innovative and creative ideas you used to come up with that helped you take new heights in a relationship.

Talk More

Talking is one of the crucial factors in a relationship. Use your voice to build intimacy between you people. It is vital to keep your words forward in a friendly way. Also, with time, we often stop talking much with each other; we stop sharing about our day and the time we spend together. So, as you want to connect to your partner, you need to talk, giggle and have fun with them. Spend time together to grow happily ever after.

We hope this writing piece helps you rekindle the spark in your relationship and you maintain it in the best way possible.


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