How To Make Your Family  Feel Super Excited 

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How To Make Your Family  Feel Super Excited 

The pandemic has cast a dark shadow on the lives of people. Everyone is obliged to stay indoors. Staying indoors for a long period of time is unnatural for people. We are not engineered to live this way. Also, the financial sector has collapsed, there is an impending danger to health, and the sad news all around has made life gloomy. Amidst the pandemic, the ray of hope, the beaming smiles, and happy souls have become dull and lost.

We as a family should revive the normal working of the society. We should make efforts to restore the health, well-being, and happiness of our family members. We are here to help you out in this mission. Take cues from our listed ways. 

1: Cook Good Food

: Good food equals a good mood. That’s a fact! But, the question arises that cooking food requires time, and with the lockdown in place, the responsibilities of homemakers have increased. It’s like an extra burden. Moreover, doctors are advising to eat healthy food. We have a solution where everyone will benefit. Turn your daily recipes healthy and tasty to cut on the time consumption and keep everyone happy. Sharing with you a few recipe ideas: 

  • Salads: Instead of serving the regular cucumber, tomato salad, make pasta salad, chickpea salad or sprout salad. Add raw cucumber, tomatoes, corns, onions, carrots, cabbage into them with a hint of dressing and spices. 
  • Black Chickpea Cutlets: Black chickpea or black chana are a high source of protein, fibre, and good vitamins. Substitute potato with it to make cutlet or any other dish having potato. Add spices and condiments in good quantity to curb the bland taste of chickpeas.
  • Refreshing Drinks: Summers are here, and we all like to have cold and refreshing drinks. The easiest is to have cold drinks or processed juice. That’s harmful. Make and store Aam Panna in the bottle, badam juice, Bel fruit juice (Bengal quince). 

Likewise, look for healthier alternatives. Treat them with recipes that are healthy and tasty. Just twist and turn what you regularly make so it will not be a burden. 

2: Cake Delivery

: Younger adults and kids prefer cakes and desserts over your traditional sweets of kheer and phirni. Once in a while, you can make online cake delivery in Noida at your doorstep of their favourite cakes and desserts to make them feel happy. Sweet treats augment the flow of happy hormones. A little sweetness never hurt anybody. Availing online cake delivery is way easier than baking cakes and desserts at home, and then your child complaining, it doesn’t taste like the bakery one. On celebrations as well, order a cake and spread sweet smiles everywhere. You can make healthier choices by: 

  • Order assorted fruit cake loaded with the goodness of fruits. 
  • Dry cakes are better than cream cakes and come with walnuts
  • Choose a bakery that provides you with fresh and hygienic cakes

    3: Engaging Games and Activities

    The whole family has a hard time keeping boredom away. Everyone has to sit idle at home, and they do not know how to pass their time. Endlessly scrolling mobile phones is serving no good. You can introduce every member of your family, whether old or young, to engaging games and activities. In the evening or night, everyone can gather around to take part and have a good laugh. 

  • Play board games and cards
  • Spend time with your family on the terrace or balcony playing some outdoor games in the evening
  • Read books to your kids and share ideas with them
  • Enroll your family members in online classes and pass time doing something productive

    4: Positive Mindset

    The nationwide lockdown was placed to fight pandemic  But, there is an invisible disease to fight and that is stress, depression, anxiety. Research shows that stress levels are on rise, with 43% Indians suffering from it. God forbid, but there is a possibility that any of your family members may be suffering from it or be vulnerable to it. Create a safe and positive environment for them. Some of the ways to do: 

  • Encourage everyone to sit for yoga and meditation
  • Limit exposure to rumors and bad news. See more of happy and positive shows
  • Guide your kids better about the situation. Keep them away from negativity as much as possible

Hope it helps! 


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