Amazon PPC – A Guide For Amazon Advertising Beginners


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Amazon offers many ad formats to advertise on its platform. Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) is an advertising format offered by Amazon that allows advertisers to only pay when someone clicks on their ads. So, advertisers don’t have to pay to be able to show their ads with PPC ads.

Amazon Pay Per Click allows advertisers to display products more often to potential buyers at key points on the search results page. This increases the visibility of the products.

Amazon searches are more popular than other search engines like Google for products that they want to purchase. Amazon advertising can help merchants increase their revenue and sales by displaying products to users who are likely to buy them.

8 Reasons Amazon PPC is Important

Amazon PPC allows Amazon sellers to sell more products on Amazon faster. Amazon PPC enables you:

1. To increase the visibility of products

It will show Sponsored products on top of the results.

2. To increase sales of any product type

Amazon PPC encourages the sales of niche products just as many Bestsellers at various click prices.

3. To control seasonal campaigns

Many products are only available during a particular time of year. Amazon PPC allows you to promote your products for a short time and can even respond to seasonal changes.

4. To promote new products

Fewer views product chances of appearing on the first page in organic search results are very low. Amazon PPC will make it appear earlier in the organic search results.

5. To protect the top positions of successful products

Most sellers or vendors have a primary product on Amazon that ranks on the first page of the organic results. It is becoming increasingly difficult for these sellers to be successful with their products due to the increasing number of suppliers. Amazon PPC is a supporter in this situation.

6. To direct traffic 

Advertising via Amazon PPC can be a great way to draw attention to a campaign or offer quickly.

7. To promote sales

Only sales can work if customers are aware of the lower prices. Amazon PPC can increase visibility for discounts.

8. To improve organic search engine rankings

Your products’ conversion rates will rise.

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Amazon PPC is for whom?

Amazon PPC can be used by anyone who wishes to leverage their advertising and increase sales via the bidding auction system (pay per click). Advertisers only pay for clicking on their ads.


In that vendors sell bulk quantities of goods to Amazon, sellers are different from vendors. Amazon sells them under the brand Amazon. Sellers are independent third parties that deliver the goods directly.

Amazon handles shipping and sales. The Advertising Console is used by vendors to manage their ads.


To advertise their products on Amazon, sellers can also use Advertising Console. Sellers can access Amazon Sponsored Products with no prior enrollment to Brand Registry. However, they must be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry to advertise in Sponsored Ad formats.

  • Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, Brands Ads (only for the brand owner), Brands Videos Ads, Display Ads

What are Amazon PPC Ad Types and what do they mean?

  1. Amazon Sponsored Products
  2. Sponsored Brands
  3. Display Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products are PPC ad campaigns that direct more traffic to product detail pages. These campaigns increase your products’ visibility. The type of campaign will determine whether keywords or products are used. 

These keywords and products can be used to align the ads with specific product categories or search terms. Depending on the rank of the advertiser in the auction, advertisements are placed in different positions.

Bid adjustments after placement

Sellers and vendors can increase their default bids up to 900% to achieve top placements on search results pages or product detail pages. The previous modifier Bid+ has been replaced by placement modifiers. These are the positions where sponsored products can be found:

  • Top of search results pages
  • At the bottom search results page
  • On the product detail page

Amazon Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands ads can be keyword- and product-driven PPC ads. These ads are prominently placed on search results pages. They can help increase brand awareness and brand discovery.

The headline advertising position is the most prominent in Amazon’s product search. To be eligible to place Sponsored Brands ads on Amazon as a seller or vendor, you must be registered to Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Sponsored Display

Sponsored display ads are a PPC ad format that lets you target users who have viewed your products but have not yet purchased anything. Display ads also allow you to target users who are interested in certain products or categories. 

The keywords are not what determines whether an ad can be shown for a particular search query. It is more about the relevance of the products to the customer or how they relate to other products.

Professional sellers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies can access sponsored display ads and, these ads are based on CPC principles, meaning that impressions and views are free. 

Only clicks on your ads will result in you being charged. This is why you decide the bid cost and daily budget. Sponsored Display ads can help you increase brand awareness and reach customers with a particular interest. 

Users click on your ads to be directed to the product details page. There are two options available for targeting Sponsored Display ads: Audience or Product Targeting.

Views Remarketing lets you target specific audiences that have viewed your product details pages, brand pages, and other product features.

Product targeting allows you to choose specific products or product groups to target your ads. A brand logo can be created and a headline written for the products you wish to promote.

Sponsored Display ads can be placed on or off Amazon. you can also target users on third-party apps and websites. Your ads will appear on Amazon’s product detail page, below the Buy Box and the product details, as well as the search results page, customer review pages, and below the product details.

To learn more about organic traffic read this article.


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