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The AddSpy Android Monitoring feature permits you to distantly see incoming and outgoing emails from your dashboard. Before the email tracking app became famous, you would send an email and follow up until a reply was received. We are now in a digital society where we know where our emails have been delivered, and if so, who reads your emails, when, and how frequently.

Email tracking app has become a vital part of reaching all levels of existing and new customers. And the AddSpy app with email tracking makes this easy for businesses to reach expectations with the right context at the right time. Before we investigate extra profound into how email tracking operates in the AddSpy monitoring app, let’s know some things about email tracking and its suggestions for your business.

What Is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is a feature that keeps track of the status of the emails you send to increase customer reach and business. Email tracking app permits you to receive real-time-based email notifications for all email-related events. This permits you to regularly review high funnel email metrics, such as email open and click-through rates, to build an informed business idea. Email tracking has dominated the web since the early 2000s. This practice has become more common as email has become an online sales data hub for consumers, rather than a tool for interpersonal communication.

  • Read all incoming, outgoing emails.
  • Assign the specific time and date of both sent and got messages.
  • Check email history.
  • Access the mailbox from your User Dashboard.

Why Is This Feature Useful?

Today we cannot imagine life without the internet, mobile applications, and email. But these devices would seem strange at least 20 years ago. We are used to coming as essential helpers whenever we need to transfer other data irrespective of distance and time. The Internet has provided us with a variety of great tools that we use at home and at work.

The global web, on the other hand, has turned into a pool of viruses, harmful content, and other factors that can hinder your child’s growth or productivity. We spend a lot of time in a virtual world full of online shopping, digital currency, and data transfer, but email spying will protect your business and family in real life. AddSpy Email Tracking seems to be a great solution to this problem.

Do you want to know what kind of content your child is sending and receiving? Do you want to stay away from violence, pornography, and other bad things that can have negative effects? Want to always have a reliable email tracker with you? In this case, an email tracker app is definitely the right solution.

Without a doubt, AddSpy Mobile Tracker is the best email tracker you can find. Spying on email is more efficient than ever. Our dedicated experts have developed award-winning email spying software for various needs. You can use it to check your child’s or employee’s email history.

This service provides data, time, and accurate information about the caller. Plus, you’re free to use the Control Panel whenever you need to access your Email Spy directly from your account. Gmail Spy Application You can get full access to your Gmail account on the target device and read all your emails at any time. With the AddSpy Monitoring app, you can do these things.

  • Read all emails from your Inbox and Sent Items folder.
  • You can see the starred email.
  • View contact information for senders and recipients.
  • Check all emails on Control Panel.

How Can An Email Tracking App Assist Your Business

Most well-known sales teams use some sort of email tracking. This will help you determine the level of interaction between your customers and prospects. And identify the people who are most interested in the products you sell.

In this day and age, a variety of email tracking software gives your sales team access to valuable data and more control. With the right email tracking software, your sales team can attract leads, influence decision-makers, and close deals. Here’s how you can increase your sales with email tracking software.

Identify Your Potential Customers

Email tracking helps you receive and open emails by allowing you to connect directly with customers and prospects. When a good customer opens and clicks on a link in an email, they know they are actively engaged with your company.

You can also check the number of times the email has been opened and monitor which links the email has clicked on. This will help you identify potential customers so that you can reach them on time or send the next email, and maximize your chances of winning their business.

Interact With Relevant References

Without the right context, it is difficult to access the data. However, if you use email tracking software, you can use references to benefits. Email tracking allows sales teams to track expectations and all email exchanges with customers. This allows you to contact potential customers with appropriate information or respond according to their needs.

For example, when a prospect clicks on a link to a case study or demo that you shared in an email, you’ll know how to move on to the next conversation. Similarly, getting information about a potential person’s behavior will help them know what they like and like. This allows you to develop relationships that lead to sales.

Use Data-Driven Analytics

With email tracking software, you will be full of information about which emails are working and which are nervous and unhelpful. So you can use the right strategy and personalize your email with specific data and keep track of time. So every touchpoint is important and relevant. Every time you send an email, use the insights you get and preview the results. So you can design your email template accordingly.

Increase Sales Productivity

Basically, email tracking is all about increasing sales productivity. By meeting expectations when they’re ready, sales reps can save time on follow-ups. You can also automate follow-up responses based on your expectations of email behavior. That way, the representative doesn’t have to manually add additional actions or blindly send additional emails. A successful option to save time and build strong relationships.


The AddSpy Mobile Monitoring App is the ultimate trusted tool for parents and employees to view the activities of children, adolescents, and employees on their respective devices. Parents can protect their children and employers can continue to control their employees.


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