How Much Does it Cost to Build WhatsApp Clone App?


These days most people are working from home, and they spend their day in the vicinity of their smartphones and then open Wi-Fi networks. So, it is not surprising that they receive SMS from various sources, but if they want to communicate with their friends and relatives, we use multiple messengers. 

When we talk about messenger or instant messaging apps, WhatsApp tops the list as it is one of the most popular Applications used by everyone worldwide. Now the question arises why WhatsApp is most prevalent? 

The reason is it allows the users to exchange messages in any of the file formats across various devices without any fees. Apart from that, it also enables users to make free calls to other people in their circle. Needless to say, sharing images, SMS, audio, location are also possible when you are using WhatsApp. Overall, you can say it has distinct features; that’s why more and more people are using this app on their mobile devices.

According to Statista, WhatsApp is used by around 1 billion people worldwide on a monthly basis. Moreover, this app is most popular in 109 nations, and India is one of them.

If you plan to develop WhatsApp clone apps, then it will not cost you too much. So, let’s discuss this topic in order to offer you a clear idea. 

Well, the approximate cost of developing an app like WhatsApp usually depends upon the platform where it will be installed. For example, if you install this app on an Android device, the cost will be different from the cost you will get on the iOS development platform. We discuss about WhatsApp Clone App cost

Cost of developing a WhatsApp clone app

This question, what is the cost of developing a WhatsApp clone app, has many relative possible answers. The cost of developing an app can be massive or not too much, as it depends upon the features and functions you want in your app. In this regard, a report says WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in the year 2014 for $19 billion.

So, you can well imagine an app like WhatsApp cannot be built in one day. However, WhatsApp you are using these days is much different from when it launched in 2019. In reality, if you want to listen to the truth, it is not affordable to build an app like WhatsApp unless you are a businessman as it needs considerable funds to support the project.

But if you are a small businessman, I am not saying you cannot build an app like WhatsApp, but you have to make your own, which is inspired by WhatsApp. This project will cost less as compared to WhatsApp development.

To give you a general idea, the WhatsApp clone app will cost you around $10,000 to $50,000 only to develop, but it wholly depends upon the features and complexities.

So, let’s talk about the features you can consider including in your WhatsApp clone app.

  • Calling

WhatsApp offers free calling to the users over the internet protocol VoIP with the help of the internet. This service of WhatsApp is free of cost and doesn’t charge anything from the user. So, if you plan to add this feature to your WhatsApp clone app, you can take the idea from WhatsApp or Viber.

  • Files and images sharing

Those days have gone. Chat rooms are only meant for exchanging messaging and emoticons. That means through WhatsApp, and you can easily share any files and images with your near and dear ones. 

  • Back up or cross-platform data.

WhatsApp offers its users a feature called back up by which they can get all the messages, contacts, files they have received and sent afterward when they log in to other devices or when something gets deleted by mistake. 

So, your own WhatsApp clone app is also a helpful feature if you want to offer something unique.

  • User panel

The user panel is another section of the app through which users interact. That means the user interface must be user-friendly for the users for a positive and fantastic experience. So, to make your customers happy, build a great user panel.

  • Money transfer

As you know that WhatsApp has added a new feature of making payments into its instant messaging app called money transfer. However, this is the only app that has started this feature, and no doubt it is pretty beneficial. With the help of this feature, the user can quickly transfer their money directly to another person through this app. So, add this feature into your WhatsApp clone app and generate more traffic but ensure it is secure

  • Chat encryption

This is another most advanced feature of WhatsApp that keeps the privacy of the users. If you plan to develop an app like WhatsApp, you must add this feature in your clone app as it is a severe privacy feature that everyone likes.

  • Admin panel

If you have created a group in WhatsApp like a clone app, then it is mandatory to separate an admin panel through which you can manage all the activities. Apart from that, it also helps in managing designs, users, backups, security, analytics, etc.

  • Settings or privacy 

When developing an app, security is the primary concern that most developers are concerned about. The reason is increasing fraud. So, while developing an app, ask your developer to keep a keen eye on security and allow users to manage their own app according to their preference. 

The bottom line

Well, this is the best time and market to create a WhatsApp clone app to gain a respectable market share. But for this, all you need to do is to think differently by offering something exceptional to the audience. 

Apart from that, being within your budget means considering the budget before planning an app and also analyze the goals and expectations properly by keeping yourself in place of your customers. 

Moreover, if you need a clear idea about the exact cost of WhatsApp clone apps, you can contact the developer for the best services.



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