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Managing storage have inventory management and organization in an essential lever for the proper functioning of a warehouse and the traceability of your products and there packaging in macaron boxes: the entire logistics chain depends on it. It is, therefore, necessary to have a good knowledge of the basics of storage in a logistics warehouse to gain operational efficiency and choose the best method for your logistics activities.

The basic rules for an optimal logistics warehouse

  • What types of handling to choose?
  • Warehouse storage space management
  • The basic rules for an optimal logistics warehouse

Logistics professionals have categorized the managing storage methods according to the type of products (perishable, cold, etc.) and the sales dynamics of the products. So here we give you the main categories.

Master the ABC storage method

The ABC method is a method of inventory management that is often found in warehouses and is very popular in custom packaging for small business. For instance the idea is to categorize the goods in order of importance to divide them into items of categories A, B, and C:

  • Goods A are goods of value;
  • Goods B have an average value;
  • C goods are those with the lowest value.
  • This product division allows you to know the essential goods in your stock.

How to set it up?

The managing storage in a logistics warehouse of your goods A, B, C must comply with a few rules so that you can gain efficiency throughout your supply chain, from the storage phase to the packaging of your products:

Store your goods A in the middle of your shelving spaces and close to your goods entrances and exits which helps in managing storages;

The goods B and C can be placed in the surrounding racks, sometimes less easy to access. This will make it easier for you to reach your most demanded goods to gain productivity while improving your flow of goods.

Optimization of storage spaces

How to optimize your managing storage spaces to facilitate the logistics flow? First, it is essential to manage the available space while keeping a handling game for your teams, which varies according to the characteristics of the products:

For your archives: Moreover the clearance must be almost zero to optimize logistics storage;

For manual handling: a side (L) and top (H) clearance of a few centimeters is sufficient for gripping the goods;

If you use handling equipment: a side clearance of 75 mm and a top clearance of 100 mm.


Logistics flow management: LIFO and FIFO systems

There are two main methods to manage the storage of products in and out.

The principle of the FIFO system

The FIFO principle (First in – First out) is simple: the goods are loaded on one side of the racking system and then picked up on the other.

This method removes goods from stock in chronological order of arrival, which avoids wasting perishable food products, for example. This dynamic system also allows handling in double access, entry, and exit of stocks. Convenient to give easy access to your packages ready for delivery to your carriers!

The principle of the LIFO system

Unlike FIFO, LIFO (Last In First Out) works as follows: the final product entered is the first out of your stock. This method works on the principle of stacking and does not require a double access handling set. If the stored products are not perishable or have no shelf life, this logistics system can be quickly adopted.

Whether you run an e-commerce store or a traditional logistics warehouse, choosing the correct method helps you improve all of your order picking phases. Enough to strengthen your daily logistics management!

What types of handling to choose?

For the management of your logistics warehouse, the choice of handling is an aspect to be taken into account, in particular for ensures security in the warehouse. What methods will you select to optimize your order preparation phase and reduce the drudgery in the warehouse?

Manual handling

There are different manual handling techniques:

  • Handling (a method to be avoided, because the risks are numerous for the personnel and the goods);
  • The manual push carts: “I go to the product” ;
  • The assembly on the workstation using a storer;
  • The dynamic shelving and conveying: “Product comes to me.”

Automatic handling

There are many means of automation for handling. For example, it is possible to use:

  • Pallet trucks, stackers;
  • A front forklift (taken from the front of the pallet);
  • A three-way trolley (picking up the pallet at 90 °);
  • Special carts (carpets, boats, turning);
  • A “little train” carriage.

Warehouse Handling

Manual, semi-automatic or automatic, what is the most efficient palletizing method? Manual palletizing consists of placing the products/boxes on the pallet and then filming it by hand to ensure the stability and solidarity of the whole. Performed by humans, this method requires very arduous physical movements and is therefore not highly recommended.

Semi-automatic palletizing is carried out by an automatic palletizer controlled by a human hand. Automatic palletizing is autonomous. The palletizer will film without human intervention (or less). It thus makes you more efficient and reduces the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders on your logistics platform.

Warehouse storage space management

What are the different existing managing storage solutions, and how to choose the most suitable storage method for your warehouse and your logistics activity?

  • For manual handling with low rotation; in this case of manual handling, which requires few courses, you can opt for these three systems:
  • Storage on shelves in aisles;
  • Storage on manual and free-standing mobile shelving ;
  • Mass storage on pallets.

For manual handling with high rotation; In the case of manual handling of the picking, different storage choices are available to you:

  • Storage on aisle shelving;
  • Dynamic repository on rails for assembly on the workstation;
  • Storage in levels on circulation aisles;
  • Space in groups on a single level;
  • Place in levels on mezzanines.

For mechanical handling with machinery; in this case of automatic handling, the machines open up new possibilities for storage systems:

  • Storage on high-rise pallets: ideal for highly seasonal products requiring seasonal supplies;
  • Storage on aisle racks;
  • High bay storage suitable for narrow aisles;
  • Storage by accumulation type LIFO or FIFO. A type of storage commonly used for beverages;

Storage on a mobile base: an expensive solution rather suited to cold stores.

How do you choose the proper storage shelving?

We wrote a complete guide to choose the correct shelving. Here is a summary of the 3 points to remember:

Once your needs have been established, depending on the nature of your goods, the turnover rate of your interests, and the handling system, you can decide on the basis on which your storage will be based. It is also essential to inform your employees of the rules for measuring in the warehouse to guarantee an efficient and serene logistical flow, from storage to delivery of your packages.

The three key points to remember:

  • Mastering the ABC method will allow you to understand your goods better and adapt your storage accordingly;
  • The company’s logistics optimization can also go through product arrival and departure systems, called LIFO and FIFO;
  • To master the basics of storage, you must finally study your type of handling and the different storage methods related to it.

So, are you ready to optimize your transport and logistics strategy, thanks to an optimal storage method, which will allow you better warehouse management of packaging design?



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