Mould in the attic – myths busted!


Tell us — just after how many weeks have you entered your attic? Well, did you get a nasty surprise of a tough mould build-up in the entire place? We understand that often an unmaintained area like the attic in your house becomes home to unwanted substances like mould. Well, we all know the requirement to clean and get rid of it. But do you believe some unnecessary myths about these? Well, then it’s time that you busted some of these myths about mould in the attic with us.

Don’t believe in these myths about mould in the attic

First of all, remember that mould in any part of your house can be dangerous and it deteriorates the air quality of your house. So, no matter where you find them, don’t delay in calling experts in mould removal in Melbourne from Asbestos Australia. They’ve got an entire team of trained personnel who can easily deal with both mould and asbestos removal in all kinds of properties. Now please don’t believe in these myths about mould in your attic and call them to clean it immediately.

You have to replace the entire attic insulation because of mould —This is really false information. Mould basically doesn’t grow on something man-made like an insulation layer. It happens only on organic substances like cement or concrete for example. But if you want to replace the insulation, this is entirely your choice, and it should happen if it is too old or worn out. But you don’t have to get rid of this layer just because of mould formation on it. You can easily clean this mould from the layer without replacing the entire insulation.

Painting the attic is easier than removing mould — If you think that you can hide the mould stains by painting over it then you are actually partially right. But you won’t get rid of this layer entirely. There are very high chances that the mould which is trapped between the wood and the paint would come to the surface layer as well. That is why painting is not at all considered as the easiest solution to get rid of mould in your attic. It should be removed entirely before doing any kind of decoration on the surface.

Mould in your attic can destroy the air quality of your entire house — Don’t fret! If your house’s ceiling is structurally strong and the attic is entirely sealed within its premises, then the mould formation in this area won’t affect the air quality of your entire house. But yes, if there are any loose spots, you can expect the mould to spread across to the other parts of the house as well.

Mould in the attic is only caused by leakages — Again, you are believing in a myth that is half true. Yes, leakages in your attic can cause mould formation. But there can be other reasons as well. Like — if there is a lack of ventilation in this area or you haven’t cleaned this space for long or improperly installed exhaust ducts in this area, due to all such reasons, etc. – then expect mould formation very soon in this attic.

We are sure you would have realised that you actually believed half of these myths about mould in your attic. But if you are sensible enough, you will reason about these as per the pointers given above and stop believing them entirely. 


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