What you need to know about CCTV surveillance cameras?


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Securing your home and properties is one of the essential steps for you. Regarding keeping surveillance on the desired location, there are too many security cameras around us. We will have to choose the right security cameras for our security and surveillance. Whatever the reasons for your purchase, it is important to be well informed before purchasing the necessary equipment, and especially a surveillance camera. Certain criteria are essential for choosing the right video surveillance system. Models, prices, installations, specificities, we tell you everything!

The Essential Things You Should Consider Before Going To Buy Video Surveillance Cameras:

  • To choose your connected camera well, it is essential to determine key elements: its location, its connection, its energy consumption, its connected application, its storage, its image and sound quality, and the subscription offered or not.
  • There are two types of surveillance systems: IP cameras or analog cameras.
  • In order to optimize its surveillance system, you can opt for a monthly subscription.

Surveillance cameras: how to choose?

The surveillance cameras that we are familiar with are those found in stores, businesses, or city centers in metropolitan areas. However, today, video surveillance is accessible to individuals. But, among the countless choices, how do you select the one that’s right for you? Outdoor or indoor camera, wireless or not, with or without a subscription, in kit or independent: these are just some of the criteria that will guide you in your choice of security equipment.

Choose your surveillance system: IP camera or analog camera?

When you decide to install a video surveillance system in your home, the first question to ask yourself concerns the characteristics of your camera. There are two main types of surveillance cameras:

  1. A coaxial cable connects the analog camera to a television or monitor, on which the images are displayed live. The screen, often associated with a storage device, allows images to be recorded. The recording is time-limited if you decide to record via a VCR. However, analog cameras can be connected to an analog recorder to save memory and, therefore, storage. We recommend this second type of recording for professional video surveillance systems.
  2. The IP camera is connected to an Internet network by WiFi or via an Ethernet cable. The video surveillance cameras are then connected to a server equipped with video surveillance software. The latter allows viewing or recording of the images filmed in real-time, on a computer, or on a smartphone. The IP CCTV camera benefits from better image quality, brightness, video analysis, and motion detection.

An independent CCTV camera for video surveillance

The choice of a video surveillance system, and therefore surveillance cameras to install in your home, generally vary according to the options and specificities of the equipment. Motion detectors, facial identification, sound alert, image and sound quality, design, and ergonomics are decisive in your decision. But the first thing to keep in mind is whether you want to purchase a camera as part of a surveillance kit or an independent surveillance camera.

If you want to monitor a small indoor area (studio, office, or others), there is no need to purchase a monitoring kit. An IP camera connected via WiFi or a more autonomous Ethernet cable can be more than sufficient. Most brands offer downloadable applications on smartphones and tablets, with access to the live video stream. Usually, these apps come with package deals, with the price increasing at the same rate as the desired options.

If your monitoring needs are more ambitious, purchasing a monitoring kit can be useful. And who says surveillance kit, says higher prices. But also a larger monitoring area, more equipment, and the possibility of deploying and improving monitoring functions.

Choosing your surveillance camera: the elements not to be omitted

Don’t forget to educate yourself about the installation of the camera and its ease of use:

  • If your camera is not on battery, be sure to make sure it uses reasonable electricity.
  • Depending on its location, think about the aesthetics and discretion of your surveillance camera. While the design isn’t synonymous with quality, a well-thought-out surveillance camera will be less easily spotted by an intruder.
  • Likewise, for an outdoor connected camera, the resistance of the camera is essential.
  • The quality of sound and image is also essential, as is the ergonomics of the application connected to your surveillance system.
  • A poorly designed application, little, in the long term, involve complication.

Video surveillance prefers a subscription.

Mobile video surveillance application

For even more effective security, it may be worth considering purchasing one or more surveillance cameras as part of a surveillance kit or even a connected alarm to optimize everything. Generally, this option, which is a little more expensive, also involves services that may prove essential. Whether for your home, offices, or even premises, subscribing to a video surveillance subscription can quickly prove its usefulness. The secure subscription means you have more options for video recording, viewing images, and storing them, as well as benefiting from the intervention of security guards in the event of an intrusion or attempted theft on your property.

How can a surveillance CCTV camera be helpful?

Cameras can deter criminals, but they can’t prevent mishaps. They can only capture the footage and help the police to catch the criminal later on.

Why do people use surveillance CCTV cameras?

People worldwide use surveillance cameras for intelligence gathering, prevention of crime, the protection of a process, person, group, object, or criminal investigation. 


CCTV cameras have proven their effectiveness, but are they necessary in your personal case? It may, in certain configurations, be more interesting to acquire a simply connected alarm rather than a surveillance camera or even to be equipped with both.

I'm working as a technician at Germany computer and telecom, a company that imports and sells CCTV Camera, Access Control System, and other security equipment. I like to gather knowledge about new technology and also inform others.


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