6 reasons to install suspended ceiling in your workplace


A ceiling over your head can be anything but beautiful and useful – you often think this way! And how wrong you can be! This ceiling or the fifth wall of the room has the power to serve you in many ways. Especially if it’s your workplace, the ceiling can actually be more than just a flat surface on the top of the rooms. These can be used in multiple ways. However, ensure you are opting for suspended ceilings.

The various benefits of suspended ceilings in your office

The suspended ceilings are basically secondary surfaces suspended from the structure and dropped down. There is mostly a gap of around 8 inches in between the actual surface and the dropped ceiling. These are extremely popular in the commercial sectors and the dropped ceilings can either be made up of glass, wood, fiber, plaster, or even plasterboards installed by Absolute Plasterboard Services providing plaster repairs in Auckland and even installing drywalls in both commercial and residential properties. For the reasons to consider these as a part of your commercial space, keep reading.

1. Quick installation

Though it may seem a lengthy task to install the suspended ceiling, but actually it’s a fairly quick process.  And if you are calling a trained and expert team for this task, then they divide the parts and suspend the ceiling very efficiently without any mess and also without taking up much of your time.

2. Hides pipes, wires and ductwork

Your commercial places mostly have lots of wires hanging from the ceiling and you can even see the vent pipes and ductwork on the ceiling area. In such cases, offering suspended ceilings seems the best option.

3. Sound proofing

If you face a lot of problems coming from the floors above, then you definitely require soundproofing in your commercial space. Opting for a suspended ceiling is the best way to block those uninviting sounds in your commercial area. But yes, you will have to install a special kind of tile or plastered surface to get maximum sound insulation in your office space.

4. Increased energy efficiency

When you uninstall the suspended ceilings, you also get the benefit of having a lower fifth wall in your office. It automatically optimizes the usage of energy in the place. Whether you are having a heater or a cooler on, both of them work quickly in such a space and you reduce the usage of electricity through these.

5. Neat-looking interiors

Suspended ceilings also look pretty good and attractive in any kind of interior. Especially in a commercial space, it automatically uplifts the space creating an ambiance that is very inviting and appealing.

6. Increased hygiene

Hygiene is a very important matter to consider especially in a space where lots of workers work together. When you opt for suspended ceilings in your office area, you’re automatically reducing the moisture that otherwise enters your office through the ceiling. This reduces the onset of mold and mildew (which causes lots of infection).

As the suspended ceilings can be installed quite easily within no time, you don’t even have to spend much. If these reasons impress you, then how about calling the experts to help you in this task soon? 


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