Cool activities to keep kids busy at home


Right now, the situation is such that everybody is trapped in their home. When not even you can step out for regular work, how can you even imagine letting your child outside? And when schools and playschools are closed, it becomes very difficult to keep the kids busy at home. So, that’s why we thought and collected the best activities that will help you in keeping them tied down at home happily.

Try these activities to let children stay busy and happy at home

During normal times you have children going to a good early learning centre like Blooming Buds. It’s a great educational centre that not only cares for your child just like you do, but also helps in educating them in the right ways. Now, when even such learning centres are having holidays and your kids are trapped at home, why not keep them busy by trying these unique and super cool activities?

  • Board game box — One thing that certainly helps in keeping the child entertained for long is a perfect game box. Since you don’t want your child to go out, you have to participate in playing with the child at home itself. For that you require a board game box. If you have got board games at home like Monopoly or Chess or Scrabble, then you can start explaining your child the concept and spend hours playing and enjoying it. If not, then it is very easy to create these at home which are going to keep your kid all the busier and then play it together.
  • Cooking without fire — We assure your child would be crying out for snacks every two hours since he or she is getting bored at home. So, why don’t you let your child prepare his or her own meal and spend the time productively? Well, there are lots of recipes about cooking without fire like vegetable sandwiches, quick nachos with cheesy dips and more. You should let your child enjoy creating unique recipes for him and you and spend the time excelling in the skill.
  • Ball pit — Do you have lots of balls and a small child’s tent at home? If yes, then you can create fantastic gaming skills at home to keep your child busy for hours. Just keep all the balls in the tent and see your kid happily playing with them for hours. You can even teach your child bowling.
  • Art and crafts items — Don’t you want your child to show the highest level of creativity? Well, in this case, you should provide your kid with ample arts and craft accessories. Let your child enjoy a new origami’s activity daily and even do some sketching along with it. There are also lots of DIY art and craft activities available for your child on the internet that you can try as well. Try making a new toy such as a dollhouse, puppet, cartoon mask, etc. using these techniques each day to spend hours with the little one.

Though we are suggesting some really fantastic ways to keep your kids engrossed at home, we are not anywhere saying that it would be easy to keep them entertained. You have to cooperate and participate with them in all these activities and ensure that they enjoy them thoroughly. 


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