Why do kids throw tantrums?


Tantrums in children are one of the most difficult factors that the parents have to bear. These are tough to understand, hard to deal with, and even harder to prevent.  Almost all the parents of children of every age face this issue and try their best to deal with the situation as best as they can. Well, first things first — you should know the reasons why your child is throwing tantrums. Only then will you be able to control the situation properly.

Most common reasons a child throws a tantrum

Whether it is a toddler, a preschooler, or even a teenager — tantrums in children are very common. And most of the parents are left scratching their heads to fathom the reason. Well, to make you understand this situation deeply, we have shared some of the most common reasons:

  • They probably want something — One of the most common reasons why your child throws tantrums is because they are hungry or sleepy or simply bored! This situation happens mostly with toddlers who are too young to convey their message to you.  Once a child would be able to convey the message orally, then you will find these tantrums reducing gradually.
  • The child is hungry for attention — Another common cause of a child behaving weirdly and throwing tantrums is because the kid demands attention. If you have been very busy lately or you are having a second or third child along with the kid and the child feels left out, then obviously the child takes to such behaviour to get your attention. In such a case, try providing more attention to the child and listen to the kid intently.
  • The child is insecure — In some cases, the kid throws tantrums because the child gets confused in front of others and feels insecure. When the kid can’t understand anything and becomes too nervous, he/she starts behaving weirdly. Now you have to notice when your child behaves in such a way and throws tantrums in public to understand this kind of behaviour. The best solution for this is to talk to your kid and increase the child’s confidence. You can even enrol the kid in an early childhood centre like Bambinos where the children are taught to mingle with other kids and socialise, apart from getting educational knowledge.  This, in turn, makes your child more confident in behaving rightly in front of others. Slowly and gradually, you’ll see a very visible change in your child’s behaviour and say goodbye to tantrums.
  • Your stress stressing the child — Sometimes, the tantrum in the kids is nothing but your stress coming out via them. Mostly, such kinds of tantrums are very hard to recognise because you are already under so much stress. But just see to it that you never exude your impatience to your kid. Kids are very sensitive and intuitive in their own way too. So, they can read your mood easily. If you worry, they worry too.

You are the best judge of your child’s needs and wants. Ensure that you understand what your child is going through. A little patience and understanding now will not only help to overcome the tantrums but also to develop the kid into a happy and confident individual.


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