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what is WordPress

What is WordPress, WordPress is the only Content Management System that is used by the common man to big companies because the features of WordPress help in installing and running everyone’s blog, then if you want to start blogging your blog. 

If you want to create, then it is very important for you to be aware of WordPress, what is WordPress and if you are on any other Cms then you should think about shifting to WordPress for better features and management, what is WordPress.

Because if you will be on any other Cms instead of WordPress, then due to lack of features, you will not be able to make your blog very unique, and it can be too much trouble for even the smallest task, so we would suggest that you WordPress So let’s get information about what is WordPress and why you should use WordPress.


There is a very important part of WordPress because WordPress does the job of operating the blog but the look of a blog/website determines the theme, and we have already told you above that there are many themes already available on WordPress, whatever the theme. You can select it for your blog you like.

However, installing any theme will not be perfect according to you because that theme developer does not have the idea for how you want the look, so the option of customization is given in the theme so that any WordPress Site Admin can easily customize its installed theme. Can do.

Not only this, but if you have the knowledge of programming, then you can also customize the coding of that theme and give the desired look, but perhaps you will never need Code Editing because, from general customization itself, the blog is the best. Can give look.

And you can use a Plugin for Extra Design, even if you want, you can also develop your own WordPress Theme but for this, there will be a need for programming.


As we told you above that there are many features on WordPress, so generally when you install WordPress, you will not get many features because those WordPress features are present in the form of plugins, and any special internal feature in WordPress is not provided. It has been done because which WordPress user wants what features, absolutely no person can say this for his blog.

That’s why the Plugin Option has been provided and their number is 50,000+ and according to their need, anyone can use any plugin, even develop the plugin by themselves, but maybe you need to develop any plugin. I Will not because there are already a lot of themes on WordPress.

For example, suppose you run a WordPress blog. And you want to use ads in it, there are multiple ways to do it.

One is to implement a Direct Ad in the post. Which will have to be implemented manually in every post. Which can be very difficult and the other way is to edit the theme and add code to it. But this method is also not very effective.

But the best option for this is plugins. You can easily place ads anywhere in your WordPress blog through WordPress plugins. And without any specific information or coding, not only for Ads but various types of features. Different types of plugins can be used for


When you use Shared Hosting. You will get Third-Party App Installer in your Cpanel. Through which WordPress can be installed by entering some information for your blog. Just have to enter Detail for Blog and that Third-Party App Installer WordPress in your Hosting. With a full set, it will install in just a few seconds or almost 1 – 3 minutes.

A blog can be started by simply pointing to the domain. After that but if you use VPS Hosting then you will not get any Third Party App Installer. And you will have to manually install WordPress in Hosting and that file of WordPress. You will get on WordPress.Org Which you will have to upload to your hosting and connect to the database.

However, when you start your blog by installing WordPress, whether it is done with manual setup or automatic, after that you will get all the contents of WordPress like Themes, Plugins, Updates, but with WordPress course on your domain itself. All these contents are also present on Org and according to the need they can be downloaded and installed manually.


If any person wants to create a website/blog from Manually Coding. Then it will take a lot of time and a lot of knowledge will be needed and even. After that, the blog will not run very well because initially there are many errors in all computer programs. Those who have to fix and improve blog coding.

And we are talking about the above condition. When you have bought a host and domain from a server company. Yes even after buying domain and host. It can take many days to start a blog if it is created by Manually Coding.

But WordPress is such a package in which we get the complete system already and we do not have to make any special changes to it, so this is the biggest advantage of WordPress training that we get everything already prepared and we will tell you about the features. It has already been told that through plugins. You will get many features and you can do any kind of modification in your blog such as –

Title, Description, Header, Footer, Sidebar, Single Or Multi Sidebar, Colors (Background Color, Text Color, Link Color), Content Body Size. Sidebar Size, Sticky Content (Sidebar, Menu, Ad), Media Files, Visual And Text Editing, Multi-User (Administrator, Author, Writer, Subscriber, Et), Pop Up Forms, Multi Types Forms, Responsive, Non – Responsive, etc. Whatever kind of site you want to create, you can create many similar features with WordPress. this is the perfect platform to start an online website or blog. You will find it on WordPress.



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