The Importance of Proper Waterproofing Solutions for Your Terrace


The terrace, the topmost part of your home, stays an essential criterion of your building. But imagine if this space is always damp and dirty and full of mould and puddles! Trust us, this can have drastic consequences and can shake even the foundation of your home, not to mention damages to your home including the interiors. That’s what makes the need to waterproof your terrace so important.

How to get the right waterproofing solution for your terrace?

You’ll find multiple types of solutions for waterproofing in Auckland with Hydroproof like liquid waterproofing membrane and more. They carry out the entire task so well that you won’t find any complaints for years. The ideal waterproofing solution for your terrace should provide you the below-listed benefits:

  • Bonding strength

The bonding strength of your waterproofing membrane should tightly bond the roof for a long-term solution against moisture. This membrane may either have restricted or non-restricted movement as per the bonding of the substrate. Also, this bonding strength impacts the extent of flexibility and elasticity of this product.

  • Crack bridging

By crack bridging, we mean the ability of this solution to cover the strains which are a result of the crack in the substrate.  If there is severe damage on the terrace in the form of cracks, this treatment will bridge the already existing cracks and prevent them from surfacing again.

  • Durable solutions

The water and moisture problem on the terrace is always consistent. Since this area is open and very vulnerable to environmental factors like rain and snow, you can expect the recurrence of cracks as well because of this issue. If you use a very durable and good quality waterproofing solution, then even if the moisture persists, this solution tackles it very nicely. use a high-quality crack-fill paste or powder crack-bridging formula of this solution also helps in preventing these strains in the surface to occur due to constant moisture exposure.

  • Good adhesive property

Another very essential property that you should definitely seek in your waterproofing solution is a good adhesive factor. Sometimes even if you utilize the latest waterproofing solution, the bonds in it tend to get separated due to constant water exposure in the terrace. So, ensure to get a solution that has excellent adhesive qualities which keep the bonding of the membrane intact.

  • Heat and UV resistance

It goes without saying that your terrace faces a lot of harsh heat and ultraviolet rays coming straight from the sun. So, if you are using a low-quality waterproofing solution, it won’t bear this heat and will come off easily. Remember to check if the solution has an excellent UV protection feature.

 In a nutshell, whatever waterproofing solution you are opting for, ensure that it is from a reliable source, is highly durable, comes with great qualities of patching up the cracks in the surface, and can even stay intact against all odds on the terrace. If you find one such option, don’t delay in covering your terrace with it immediately.


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